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[ Flight of The Phoenix ] - Learning Bukujutsu -

Post  Pineapple24 on Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:17 am

Yoshi had now a better understanding for the way his Ki was molding together. It seemed like if he could concentrate the energy into one part of his body, the possibilities for a perfect Ki attack would be endless. But what about something other than an attack? He could feel when he charged the Ki to his palm how it had a certain type of friction with the air around him. And further more started to stir ideas around in his head. Still out in front of Faaru's gates his breathing from previously attempting the Ki Beam technique he had put together had slowed. He wanted to see if he exerted all his energy around his body at once if there was some sort of way to form a certain type of Ki ring to push his foes or opponents back a ways giving him plenty of thinking room, or maybe just distance to connect with an attack. He closed his eyes, the energy through his body began to pulsate as his hair fluttered as the wind began to pick up.

Yoshi: * I can feel the energy vibrating throughout my entire soul. This blow back attack will surely show my defensive style is different from the rest of the fighters I have encountered. *

He thought to himself, as he heard a murmer sound. It almost felt as if the attack was ready to explode. His eyes had been closed for a majority of the experiment and he slowly began to open them. As he did his view was a bit different than he had expected, for while he was once on the ground, he was now high above almost breathing clouds. The shock of his flight took him by such surprise he began to decline at a very fast rate losing a lot of altitude. The ground was closing in and it would not feel pleasant upon impact. He tried to focus his energy as quickly as possible and inches before the crash he came to an abrupt halt. Laughing nervously and gaining a small portion of altitude once more he couldn't believe the outcome. Sure it wasn't what he wanted, but it wasn't exactly what he was looking for either!

Yoshi: "This day just keeps getting better and better. I feel more knowledgeable of my Ki as each hour passes, and by the time my training is complete, The Black Dragon Society won't expect the skill of my technique."

) End of Technique Thread (

Word Count: 409
No Stats Points Gained
Technique Learned: Bukujutsu
Stats Before Post
Zeny: 262z
PL: 2395
END: 551
STR: 799
SPR: 792
AGI: 253

(( Korn, just note that these stats were added when I get approved for my last training topic lol. Just so you weren't like whoa where did that come from. Yoshi & ))

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Re: [ Flight of The Phoenix ] - Learning Bukujutsu -

Post  Korn✔ on Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:14 am

((Another great roleplay from you ^^ I lik how it wasn't too long but still hit the right spot))

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