- Showdown in Machi City- [ Normal Training x1 - Learning Masenko ]

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- Showdown in Machi City- [ Normal Training x1 - Learning Masenko ]

Post  Pineapple24 on Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:02 am

Yoshi's day on earth learning the ways of different Ki variations was ended hours ago. The sun began to rise over the dark blue mountain tops capped with white snow, his tent and a small fire outside the town of Faaru just a couple of miles away. His strength had grown as had his confidence for pursuing the Black Dragon Society. Peace was a funny thing, though it needed to be preserved, and it was bliss. To what cost did it bare? One more than any being could understand, the constant struggle of having to exceed strengths unnatural. Though his combat hadn't begun, he knew that he would have to assume there would be no tomorrow. And for that very reason it drove him to train even harder. He sat on a log in front of the fire contemplating his next move yet he still felt as if his training hadn't served him enough. Yoshi could sense his progress, but wasn't satisfied. It wasn't because he was suffering from glutony but instead wanted to be one hundred percent certain that there would not be any kinks in the chain of his goal. The stories he had heard were more than enough to serve as a warning sign in front of a huge dilapadated house. His rest was plenty, as were his rations he had acquired from Faaru. He stood up looking into the valley he was already in the middle of as his travels had led him to. A lot of things had already begun to change, his social life, his personal goals, and his technique. So many thoughts crossed through his mind, like what happens after he approaches this society? And if he were to succeed, what would be his next step in being a fighter for his home planet? He didn't want to give off the impression that he was trying to be god himself, but instead an angel of defense. The fire now had began to smoulder into nothing, he had packed his bags and tent and slung it over his shoulder and began walking along the small river in search of a more suitable place to train. It would need to be far away from any civilization so he could test the strength of his weapons. And as the fire began to disappear behind him in the distance he had continued his journey towards Jingle Village, his quest he could feel was sure to begin in the near future.

??: "He's began to move."

???: "Keep an eye on him."

??: "As you wish."

Yoshi had been traveling for hours, and yet the whole time he was traveling he could feel something wasn't normal. It was as if like he was being followed. But instead of turning around and giving a signal he was suspicious he continued to face forward and continue walking through the almost ended valley. He wanted to keep a low profile, and since flying wasn't really accustomed to normal life here on earth he was stuck on traveling by foot. The valley had concluded, a small dark town had stood a few miles away from Yoshi on the horizon. Fireworks had randomly exploded high in the sky as it was beginning to turn to nightfall. Yoshi began his decent towards the town and as he drew closer he could here loud music, the dark town was but a mere cover for the huge bamboo city behind it. Their city parade was taking place as he entered through the front gates. Huge floats, plenty dancers, and well a lot of half naked people completely intoxicated roaming the streets. It must of been like their mardi gras or something. Yoshi had made his way into a local club. He figured the more he could figure out about jingle village, the less surprises he would encounter.

??: "He's made his way into Machi city, what are your orders?"

???: "Don't approach him yet. Tomei is expecting him. Just make sure you update me on his whereabouts once he nears Jingle Village."

??: "Right."

???: "I have a change of plans actually, Tomei as I said is expecting him, if that fool doesn't succeed in taking this guy out. It is on you to make sure he doesn't make it out of that club alive."

As he enters a tall dread locked man approaches him, and offers Yoshi to follow in the direction he has pointed. Nodding he agrees to follow, he walks through the club a bit astounded seeing a few dancers, needn't say what kind, entertaining the drunks that have filled it. He is lead into the back in a room with an old man sitting indian style in the center of it.

Old Man: "Please, have a seat.."

Yoshi accepts and sets his stuff down, sitting indian style as well facing the old man directly sat in front of him.

Old Man: "I am Tomei, the elder of this village, and to be honest no one that doesn't reside here ever visits our village unless they are looking for trouble. What bring you here um.."

Yoshi: " Yoshi. My name is Yoshi. And I assure you sir that I have not come bringing ill will towards you or anyone in your city. In fact I may be on the path to find what it is exactly that poses a threat to your city. I need to know about a few things. "

"Ah and what few things would those be weary traveler?"

Yoshi: " Three things. One, information on this Black Dragon Society. Two, I need to know about this village called Jingle. And Thirdly, I want more information about this Lord Darga."

Tomei: " I am afraid I can not give you any of that information. Uh, for free. BUT. If you can defeat me. "

Yoshi begins to get to his feet but not before the old man waves his hand in decline.

Tomei: " Oh no no, not in a battle of fists. But more of a battle in wits. You see these two dice? If you beat me in one guess I will give you all the information you seek. But if you lose, I will have your head."

Yoshi: "Seems a bit drastic but if it is the only way, I accept your challenge."

Yoshi had already sensed foul play. Why out of the blue would this man request a game of death dice without even knowing him? The old man reveals the dice and drops both of them into a small thicker cup. A woman steps up and takes the small cup and begins shaking it slamming it down on the floor she asks Yoshi to call first upon doing so he calls odd. The old mans hands had never been seen, except for the dice show, both covered with his long white beard he calls even. The woman reveals the dice and it is indeed even. Yoshi has no emotion shown as Tomei speaks.

Tomei: " Well it seems I have won fair and square. So it is time for you to fill your end of the bargain."

Without warning Yoshi quickly grasps a handful of the old man's beard and gives it a hard yank ripping it from the face of the old man. Revealing a small remote hanging from a piece of string around the old man's neck.

Yoshi: "Fair you say?"

With his other hand he presses a finger to one of the buttons of the remote. The dice switches to odd, he presses the other and it switches the dice to even.

Tomei: "Now I know this looks a bit odd."

Yoshi: "No, to me is seems to be controlled Odd AND Even. I think it's time you gave me my information."

Tomei: "Yes Yes just don't hurt me. The Black Dragon Society is one of the highest pirating organizations on Earth. It was a branch of an Army long forgotten in this history of the planet. They have no remorse for anything, their goals are simple treasures and zeny. Their tiers consist of 4 levels, Gorvus the grunt commander. He is slow but extremely powerful and he has a vicious technique. Fortunatley I know the technique to completely dismantle it. The next tier is the leiutenant Lorbo, he is completely different from The block headed Gorvus. His speed is unseen by any being here on earth, and his after image is hard to see through. The third, Endo, his energy is what puts him above the other two fighters before him. But the fourth is the catalyst of the army so to speak. Tren, he is a jack of all trades, energy, power, speed, and his defense is in a world of its own.

Yoshi: " And as for this Jingle Village? How far is Lord Darga's lair from it? "

"It's hard to say, I have never seen this hideout, but one thing is for certain. You will have to overcome many obstacles along the way, death dealing obstacles before you even make it near the entrance I have heard. Through the land of Ghost thieves. It won't be easy."

Yoshi: "And Lord Darga?"

Tomei: " Ah, the head honcho himself. You see he is not man nor being, he is all that is evil. Chaotic in every sense of the word. He is blood thirsty, and violent prone. Anyone who has ever seen him, well hasn't been seen of."

Yoshi: " And where do the stories come from I wonder?"

" Yes, well, I do not know. Maybe mere words swept away by the wind and carried into ears of villagers below."

Yoshi: " What about the attack you spoke of? I'm interested in learning of such a thing."

Tomei: " Ha, I thought you'd never ask.."

As the feeble old man seemed harmless to begin with he quickly jumps to his feet holding his hands high above his head with a snaggle toothed smile patched with remaining white whiskers from his removed beard thanks to Yoshi. A bright light begins to iminate from both his hands as Yoshi's eyes widen a bit from the shock of the old man's quickness.

Tomei: " MAAAA...SSSEEE...KKOO!!! HA!!"

Tomei unleashes the blast towards Yoshi quick and fast. Yoshi leaps high into the air avoided the heavy blast by mere centimeters. He lands back down on the floor before hurling a Ki blast at the old man which connects sending him flying back arms flailing and watches as he crashes into the wall as debris falls all around him. The woman who had rolled the dice for him before pulls a Katana out of the back of her kimono and charges forwards slicing at Yoshi with great speed and effort as he skips backwards avoiding the cutting attempts. She gives a hard swing at Yoshi's head which he ducks under and she connects with a huge railroad tie like building brace which her sword gets stuck in. Yoshi starts to move forward as the woman tugs frantically at the sword but to no avail as she looks at her oncoming opponent with fear and receives a hard front kick. She skids to a stop on the wooden club floor as now it has began to clear out. Yoshi turns to his right only to see the large dread locked man standing above him with an axe handled fist, and attempts to bring it down on Yoshi's head. Yoshi leaps back avoiding it with ease as he charges forwards sending a barrage of punches and kicks towards the muscular man who in return blocks a few but takes even more. After a few moments Yoshi pounces back and launches two Ki blasts which the Dread locked man takes to the chest but keeps coming towards Yoshi. Yoshi shows no emotion however and instead just stands there awaiting the muscular man. Once he feels he is close enough, he leaps high in the air as the man leaps forwards with a tackle. Yoshi steps on his head flips in the air and backward dropkicks the man into the bar top. He is out cold, Yoshi lands, and gets to his feet.

Yoshi: " Whenever I ask nicely no one ever helps out generously."

He had gotten all the information he had needed. And on top of all that learned a new attack. This journey was proving to be very resourceful. He exited the club right when a huge japanese float was passing by which caught his attention. A Small masked man stand on top with a boom box, Yoshi looked on in confusion as the man launched huge amount of bamboo daggers towards his direction. They fired one by one like a sub machine gun. Yoshi quickly elevates into the air with a quick jump and flies high above the float. The small mask man doesn't look impressed as he removes the boom box launcher from his shoulder and extends his arm revealing a chain. He swings it around his head and hurls it at Yoshi. It wraps around Yoshi's ankle and with the masked man giving it a huge tug, he is yanked from the sky, sending him crashing down through the float and in the center of it. The bright light is almost blinding, Yoshi woosily gets to his feet shaking his head back to normality. The small masked man jumps inside through the hole Yoshi made in the float as it continues to move on normally.

Yoshi: " Who are you?! And why do you want to kill me!"

??: " I am Fei, and it is my duty to see that your journey to Jingle Village ends here! "

Yoshi: " Hate to disappoint you, but my story long surpasses this city, AND THIS BATTLE!!"

Yoshi charges at the small man who tries to whisk the chain, but to no avail. He didn't count on his environment being so compact and the chain simply smacked around the float not having any room to attack. Yoshi throws a big punch towards the man who seemingly dodges it with ease and counters with a snap kick which connects with Yoshi's face sending him staggering back, in which he returns to his fighting stance. Fei charges forwards using a melee of punches and kicks as Yoshi staggers back slapping a few, blocking a bunch, and taking less. In return Yoshi does the same, but is blasted with a Ki blast sending him out of the float and into the streets. He pushes himself up and retreats. He knew if this continued it would put the entire city at risk. Fei leaps out behind him and pursues. The two leap over the back gates but Fei refuses to let Yoshi gain anymore distance to Jingle Village and blasts right in front of him stopping his run. Yoshi flips around and fires a Ki beam which misses Fei but barely. He fires a few more Ki blasts but the small masked man simply smacks them away.

Yoshi: " Argh, I'm giving this creep everything I got and still it doesn't seem to be enough. Wait a minute..The attack that Tomei executed, OFCOURSE, maybe that will be enough to end this mess! I've got to be smart about it though, and I think I've got just the plan to do it!"

Yoshi surprisingly drops his fighting guard and stands there. He motions for Fei to attack, and he takes the bait. Closing in on Yoshi at great speed he is right in front of him within seconds. Just as he was about to connect Yoshi leaps high into the air, and with bukujutsu in effect climbs higher and higher with both his hands over his head and as Tomei did recites.


Fei can't believe it, fooled by nothing more than a mountain hermit!? And with a loud yell of "HA!" Yoshi unleashes the huge masenko, It's nightfall but with the huge blast above Fei it looks as if the sun is falling on top of him. A huge boom and crater forms in the spot where Fei used to be standing, the smoke is thick but after a while it begins to clear and the light from the attack begins to disappear. Yoshi floats high in the air staring down wide eyed upon the attack he just fired.

Yoshi: "Maybe I put a bit much into that, it's still a bit new."

As he concludes this he sinks back down into the center of his attacks crater. Looking for any sign of Fei, but its nothing more than falling rocks and char marks. He sighs in disbelief as his intentions weren't to kill Fei, but to get him into a position to where he could find out who sent him and for what reason. It seemed obvious to Yoshi, but he wasn't one to jump to conclusions. As he stood in his crater and pondered something above him had caught his attention, it resembled a shooting star, but after a few moments of it's passing a loud boom and vibration filled the area. Rising back to the top of the crater he looked around the horizon to see the crash site but couldn't find any sign of smoke or cries of help.

Yoshi: " What was that? A meteor? Never seen one come so close before. And it sounded like it was in the direction of Jingle Village. I better go and investigate. "

Yoshi raises into the air once more and flies off now leaving all his materials behind. After the damage he and his opponents had caused he thought it was best suited to leave them be. Yet he was intrigued by the passing space item and wanted to get a closer look at what exactly it was that had landed here on earth. He wasn't sure what to expect, however he took it as it could be either friend, foe, or a valuable item. And he wanted to be the first to see it up close and personal. He had heard of other life forms but had never witnessed any of them face to face. He felt like this could indeed be his chance to find what his master's stories had revealed many years ago.

) End of Technique Thread (

Normal Training x1 + Masenko
Word Count: 3006
END - 550 + 7 = 557
AGI - 253 + 5 = 258
SPR - 791 + 3 = 794
- Word Bonus -
3006 - 400 = 2606 additional words
END - 557 + 870 = 1427
AGI - 258 + 867 = 1125
SPR - 794 + 869 = 1663
Technique Learned: Masenko
Stats Before Post
Zeny: 268z
PL: 2382
STR: 798
AGI: 253
END: 550
SPR: 791

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Re: - Showdown in Machi City- [ Normal Training x1 - Learning Masenko ]

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