- Tracking Down Treachery - [1x Normal Training Ki Beam Attempt ] * NOT A QUEST*

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- Tracking Down Treachery - [1x Normal Training Ki Beam Attempt ] * NOT A QUEST*

Post  Pineapple24 on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:05 am

After learning his new technique, known as the Ki blast Yoshi had been resting after his weary workout. Taking deep breaths he arose to his feet once again, he knew he wasn’t inclined with techniques making him the strongest on the planet. But he knew now with his training that he would be able to be a match for the Large Bandit he had approached in the city earlier in his travels. He still felt awkward and yet, was very uncomfortable with being sociable again though he hadn’t been very vocal in his debut back into society. He looked out into the distance as the sun was high above his head, signaling it was near noon. He returned to the city where the confrontation between the bandits and himself had taken place. He approached the woman as she cashed in a big sale, a big smile crossed her face as she sighted Yoshi he gave a signifying nod and approached the woman.

Woman: “YOSHI!!! You came back!! I can’t express how much your help is appreciated. Even the local law enforcement is looking to have a conversation with you about joining the force! We sure could use all the help we can get here in Faaru! “

Yoshi: “I am pleased to see you are almost fully recovered. Does my heart good to see the people of Faaru haven’t missed a beat. I have a couple of questions I have to ask, if you have the time Annabelle?”

Annabelle: “Oh? Of course Yoshi, the business is slowed down as of now what may I help you with?”

Yoshi: “I was wondering if you knew what the name of the large man who was attempting to kidnap you earlier was?”

Annabelle: “Well, yes as a matter of fact I do. His name is Gorvus, though he may have seemed like the mastermind behind his group, The Black Dragon Society, he is merely a general. His captain Lord Darga is the menace behind the mayhem however. Nobody has ever seen him, and if they have they don’t speak stories of him.”

Yoshi: “Ah? And why is that? Are they too scared to comment on the interaction? Perhaps you could point me in their direction and I could offer protection in exchange for their information?”

Annabelle: “That’s not possible I’m afraid.”

Yoshi: “Why?”

Annabelle: “They are all presumed dead. They went into the coalition to defend their village against the vicious villain. They never returned, so they called off search and rescue after four months of their attempts. “

Yoshi: “Interesting, well and my other, what do you know of this Black Dragon Society? Any information may be helpful in my task.”

Annabelle: “I’m afraid that is all I know, however maybe Chief Grape can help you at the police station located in the northeastern quadrant of the village. Plus they may have other tasks they need help with.”

Yoshi gave a nod, and bowed gracefully showing appreciation for the shared information that Annabelle had told him. He had hoped he would gather more though as this was proving to be a bit more difficult. Not only did Annabelle’s information come to a dead end, but the witnesses of the evil Lord Darga was nothing more than a smoke screen. If indeed they all were dead, it could be years before he ever got on the right track or then again, maybe never. He turned away and attempted to exit but not before Annabelle called out to him once more.

Annabelle: “YOSHI! Wait, I almost forgot to give you your reward for helping me and my shop!”

Yoshi waves away the comment as he shakes his head no ending it with a gentle smile as turned around.

Yoshi: “There’s no need for that, I didn’t do it for a reward, being a protector and succeeding is reward enough Annabelle. Take care of yourself.”

Annabelle: “Yoshi, what exactly is this task you’re aiming to achieve?”

Yoshi: “Well Annabelle, I have taken it upon myself to follow this Black Dragon Society to its catalyst and put a stop to it once and for all. For I feel if I don’t they will return, and won’t stop until they either kill me, or this town. You needn’t worry, you can count on me. Just be sure to continue to swim in the profits!”

Annabelle grins and nods at Yoshi’s words. He turns and exits the store looking in the direction of the northeastern quadrant. He had taken a deep breath as he began to walk towards the town police station. Walking into the front door the policemen scuffled about with paperwork. However some familiar voices had been heard by Yoshi. The two bandits that had been left behind rambling about. Yelling at the cops until they caught a glance of Yoshi. They quickly yelped and gulped backing up as far as they could in their cells shivering in fear with anime tears beside both their heads. Yoshi smirked and walked up to an officer wrapped in bandages. It was obvious he was the one who was attacked in the assault on Annabelle’s store.

Yoshi: “How are you coming together there?”

Officer: “ A lot better now that things have returned to normal, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help Mr. Yoshi.”

Yoshi: “Please, skip the formalities Officer, Yoshi will suffice.”

Officer: “Oh sorry, Yoshi. Anyhow Captain Grape has been expecting your return and word has it that he wants to sign you onto the force.”

Yoshi: “What a great offer it is, however I’m afraid I will have to.”

Captain Grape:

Yoshi turns and takes a look at the short and stocky grey haired and mustached man. He was decked out with his cop uniform and had a short cigar poking out of his mouth. Yoshi cocked a brow and walked up to the Captain’s desk, of which he extended his hand out towards Yoshi. Yoshi showing his gratitude accepts his handshake firmly.

Captain Grape: “Nice grip! Now I’m sure you know our force is a bit overwhelmed. We could use a strong hand like yourself on the force what do you say? How does force leader sound?”

Yoshi: “I am very grateful of your request and offer. However I don’t think that is exactly what I’m looking for. I have however come to get some answers if you’d be happy to help rid Faaru of the Black Dragon Society.”

Captain Grape: “Of course, anything.”

Yoshi: " Annabelle has informed me of a search party that has went missing. And said the rescue for them was called off after a few months of no evidence or trails leading to their whereabouts. I have heard of the name of the man who caused such a ruckus here recently, and know his name is Gorvus. However she couldn't fill me in on his whereabouts, only that he is a pawn general in the faction, she informed me of another villain by the name of Lord Darga. Do you have any information that will help me on my upcoming quest to find this society?

Captain Grape: " Well, I'm afraid I don't know the exact whereabouts of the Black Dragon Society, and nor would I want to know. You see though Gorvus may seem slow and Dimwitted he is nothing more than the beginning of the vicious group. It grows even more evil as you penetrate through the band of thieves. It won't be an easy task for you to acquire Lord Darga's presence. The tier of fighters and soldiers who gaurd him I have heard are violently blood thirsty and well trained."

Yoshi: " I understand, I am completely aware of what I'm risking here. But if I can preserve the peace from this town maybe the downhill effect with help out with other villages."

Captain Grape: " Maybe so, okay. The only information I have for you at the time now is to the east, a town called Jingle Village. But don't expect a warm welcome. These people are very fearful and extremely timid due to Lord Darga's reign."

Yoshi gives a quick nod as he takes all this information and lets it all soak in. After a few moments he recognized that maybe he underestimated just how powerful this threat known as the Black Dragon Society could be. And with just one Ki technique in his arsenal he though it would serve him best by learning how to mold his newly learned blast into a different sort of variety. So without wasting anymore daylight he praises Captain Grape and exits the Police station but Captain Grape had just a few more things to say before Yoshi's departure.

Captain Grape:
" Yoshi, be careful. You are a huge asset to this town and as time travels forward you may be one of the planets greatest hero's. It would be a shame to lose such a commodity. I wish we could help, but It's hard to find any officers much less soldiers to accompany you on this death certain mission. I wish you the best of luck with bringing these monsters to justice. "

Yoshi simply turns and exits the station walking through it's streets. He had to up the ante so to speak and learn how to shape his knowledge of Ki now that he understood how to use the energy. He made his way out of Faaru and as the gate shut firmly behind him he looked towards the eastern side of Faaru taking a deep breath and accepting the upcoming quest he was about to forgo. He looked at his hand and charged the Ki blast he successfully learned in his previous training session, he thought to himself for a few moments.

Yoshi - The blast I have now learned only shoots in a spurt like ball motion. I wonder what the possibilities would be if I kept feeding the Ki behind the blast. There is only one way to find out. Let the experimenting begin! -

Yoshi's hand still extended it begins to flicker a bright blue hue. The valley in which he has his hand pointed to is vast, so he knew upon firing the blast he was putting no one at danger due to the aim pointed high after a few miles of travel. At first his attempt was a complete and utter failure. Instead of a huge ray of Ki exploding from his hand it was like three aimless blasts back to back, the next attempt simply blew him backwards into the gate. Getting to his feet and rubbing the bump on the back of his head he grunted with displeasement.

"This is a lot harder than I had originally anticipated. I need to focus my energy different. With the Ki blast technique I only needed to charge in a burst, this seems like I need to build up the energy with the blast completely behind the fire and hold the energy in my entire arm. I think I've got it now."

Yoshi brushes himself off as he extends his arm once more. This time with his charge the wind begins to pick up as his hair ruffles about in it. With a loud yell the Ki begins to charge in his palm. His hand in the formation of his knife edge chops now, his thumb pressed against his palm and upon the release of his shot it moves to the side making the huge ray of Ki seem like a beam. He continues adding energy as it streams through the valley and over the small river in the middle of it. He pulls his arm down adding weight to the back of the beam and sends it high into the air as he watches it disappear from view. His heavy breathing slows shortly as he views in awe at his new form of attack the Ki Beam. He smirks as he says to himself aloud.

Yoshi: " Jingle village here I come, and Black Dragon Society, count your remaining days of chaos, for your run as tyrants has come to an abrupt end. "

End of Training Thread.

Word Count = 2015
*Bonus* 400 - 2015 = 1615 additional words
Technique Learned : Ki Beam
END: 5+7 = 12 ( Edited this part I messed up )
STR: 256+5 = 261
SPR: 254+3 = 257
- word bonus -
END: 12 + 539 = 551
STR: 261 + 538 = 799
SPR: 254 + 538 = 792
Original Stats Before Post
Zeny: 258
PL: 773
STR: 256
END: 5
AGI: 253
SPR: 254

(( Note : This is not a quest. Just merely a fore story about my reasoning for pursuing Lord Darga when I choose to do the quest which will be soon. So for now this is a training post, leading into the plot whenever I post the quest topic seperately. Lol wanted to make it seem like I have background for doing the stuff so I hope its easy to understand why I did this. ))

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Re: - Tracking Down Treachery - [1x Normal Training Ki Beam Attempt ] * NOT A QUEST*

Post  Korn✔ on Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:02 pm

((Again, great rolepaly Very Happy The word count is 2012 so I took -1 from each stat))

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