- Preparing for Defense - [ x1 Training / Ki blast technique attempt ]

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- Preparing for Defense - [ x1 Training / Ki blast technique attempt ]

Post  Pineapple24 on Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:50 am

The deep growl of the large bandit's threat echoed throughout Yoshi's head. He knew it would only be a matter of time before the huge man returned with a greater and probably stronger force than the four minions he had brought previously. So as he helped reconstruct the shop he had come to a self agreement to pursue the bandit. Confront this threat known as The Black Dragon Society. However he knew it would be a task to be reckoned with, and as he stood now, he knew it wouldn't be enough and even if it was, he wanted to be completely sure. It would seem that his passive ways had already began to shift shape, but for good reason. His purity shined, and as time would go on it would blossom even more. The scene takes place in a grassy plain tattered with blades of flourishing green grass, and splotches of dead brush in random areas.

Yoshi walked through the tall blades of grass, running his fingers over the tip tops gently as he scaled through the brush. The tough rigorous task of his training lingered endlessly alongside the Dragon society in his mind. It only fueled his desire to be a protector of the people of earth, and a defender of peace and tranquility on the beautiful planet. After a few moments, he exits the brush, standing on a freshly cut and flat plain, he stopped and took a deep breath before thinking to himself. * This will be sufficient, plenty of room to train without any interruptions. If I remember what master Jouzu told me, controlling your energy is useful, but learning how to manipulate it into Ki is potentially your greatest ally in battle.* He had no idea how to begin this test, and to be honest it was like a shot in the dark. But it did not damper his spirits in the slightest, he was a very disciplined and determined fellow. And his knowledge of Ki was miniscule but still the knowledge was there. He closed his eyes falling back into his crescent moon stance and took a few deep breaths before he leaped high into the air pulling his straightened leg up high into the air and before hitting the ground, he swiveled his body around and brought his kicked leg down with a loud thump as the grass underneath his feet was ripped from the earths soil from the impact. His hands were formed opened but his thumbs pressed to his palms showing his knife edge chop attack as he began to move jabbing them forwards and back to guard his body as he swiftly shuffled his feet behind every attack moving him forward. Though the exercise was his normal routine projecting his physical attack to greater strengths he was still focusing in his mind the Ki blast ability, but nothing yet. He sped up his routine his chops and randomly well placed and executed kicks began to get quicker with each jab or snap of his foot. He brought his right hand open up to his chest and with his left elbow, he slammed it into his welcoming hand, forming straight posture upon completion of the maneuver. He felt confident he had enough focus to attempt his new technique, and with a few more chops, jabs, and kicks he extended his tightened claw like hand pose and attempted to charge his ki into it and release. But to no avail as there was no signal, nor sound. The breeze simply blew the loose grass from where he hand landed after a combo. Frustrating indeed however it was inspiration to try even harder.

Yoshi :" I have to focus harder," He said with ambition. " I don't think it's a problem with my energy and focusing it, It's getting the energy to eminate through my body to my hand and releasing. It's got to happen quick the first time, just knowing the technique and being able to execute is the first step, charging will be an issue I'll have to work on afterwards."

He returned into his crescent moon stance once again. However this time he wasn't going to work on his physical, now his attention was solely latched onto learning the Ki blast technique. His energy began to pulsate through his body, he began to wind his arms counter clockwise around his sides before taking a step back and tightening his right hand into a tiger paw like grip again. After which he gripped his right wrist with his left hand and with great effort began to push his centered energy towards his palm. A flicker of bluish light sputtered slowly in the center of his palm, however he couldn't see it as his eyes were closed trying to keep control over the traveling energy, it began to grow at a slow pace as he released his wrist, and pushed his pawed hand forward as a bright blue ball traveled forward and crashed into the mountainside. He opened his eyes slowly and blinked a few times astonished as his work as he viewed a small cloud of smoke covering trickling rubble running down the mountainside. After the smoke cleared burn marks and a tiny crater shown on the side where the small blast had hit. Yoshi looks at his hand and cracks his knuckles.

Yoshi: " Not bad, still I need to practice it a bit more to get the feel of naturally being able to use it at my own wim. Let's see how I can blend it into my own technique, then we can call it a day. "

He reverts back to his crescent moon stance again, and while wasting no further time he knife edge chops forwards again his feet moving forward directly behind each jab of hand. Back flipping a few times he jumps high into the air executing a perfect spin kick and lands on his right foot, placing his left foot behind him with great speed and with both his hands he pushes them forward aiming at the mountain he had previously shot at before. Two bright blasts flicker to life and fire out towards the mountain and even though the distance is vast, the crash of the attacks boom throughout the air. He swings his arms around at his sides before holding his left hand out with his arm extended and attempts to charge his newly acquired technique. The blast comes to view and grows bigger released at Yoshi's choice, it slams into the spot he shot previously. He breathes a bit heavy now due to the energy he has exerted. He sits down in the patchy grass taking a break and looking at his progress charred in the mountain's side.

End of Training Thread.
Word Count = 1123
*Bonus* 400 - 1123 = 723 additional words
Technique Learned :
Ki Blast

AGI: 5+7 = 12
STR: 10+5 = 15
SPR: 10+3 = 13
- word bonus -
AGI: 12 + 241 = 253
STR: 15 + 241 = 256
SPR: 13 + 241 = 254

Original Stats Before Post
Zeny: 250
PL: 35
STR: 10
END: 10
AGI: 5
SPR: 10

(( If there are any issues with my adds please let me know and I'll edit the post. Thanks! Feedback welcome as well. ))

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Re: - Preparing for Defense - [ x1 Training / Ki blast technique attempt ]

Post  Korn✔ on Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:46 am

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