10x Regular Training and Ki Beam Technique

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10x Regular Training and Ki Beam Technique

Post  Nail on Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:30 am

Kinoko had recently decided to go into the wild and train. He would stay here for as long as he could before returning to the capital. Out here there were no distractions to get in between him and his training. He started to the distant woods where he had trained before with the saibaman that nearly killed him. He stopped to reflect on what happened before landing.

"That was too close last time that thing nearly killed me. I can't let a mistake like that happen again." He said to himself with a smile.

Kinoko had become stronger since the fight with the saibaman and was now ready to continue his training. He would start by warming up with two thousand sit ups and two thousand push ups. When he had finished he stood up and started to stretch. He revelled in his new strength, that much of a workout would have tired him before he had become stronger.

Kinoko would train and work on a new technique this day. Kinoko was going to attempt the ki beam technique it is a move that requires the user to concentrate his ki into a single straight beam of energy that explodes on impact. He started to charge his power level fairly high and he gathered his energy slowly in his hand. His hand became surrounded in a maroon glow and he raised his hand up to a nearby tree and took aim.

"This energy is easy enough to control. Shouldn't be a problem to learn this move." Kinoko said to himself.

Kinoko drew his arm back and quickly pushed his hand forward. The energy surged from his hand in a straight line and headed toward a large tree in the distance. The beam exploded upon impact and sent the tree into thousands of splinters. Kinoko turned around and started firing beam after beam at the trees surrounding him. Pretty soon the forest around him was smoking around him.

"Didn't mean to cause this much damage." He thought to himself.

Kinoko thought that he had better get out of the woods and train somewhere else. He didn't want to burn the woods to the ground. So, he set off toward the canyon in the distance. He would be able to get the most out of his training without damaging his home planet. He took to the sky and flew towards the canyon.

"This should do fine." He said as he landed.

Kinoko landed in the vast canyon after a few minutes of flying. He had went through much in his 25 years of life, being beaten as a child by his own people for the purpose of training, then beaten for ten years by the creatures that inhabited the destroyed planet Acenes for the purpose of slavery. His scars had healed but his memories had not. If the experience had taught Kinoko anything it was a few useful techniques that he could learn to use himself.

Kinoko focused and started to feel that old familiar feeling of warmth in the pit of his stomach, he pulled the energy ever slowly up to his chest and over to his shoulder. His left arm started to radiate a dark red glow as the energy traveled to his forearm. Kinoko focused even harder and the ki extended from his wrist and formed into dark red energy that surrounded his hand. Kinoko stood there for a moment and slowly inhaled and exhaled, taking in every moment and remembering every feeling that his energy produced.

He started to release the ki in a pushing motion, getting the feel for his newly acquired move. He then broke into a full on sprint and started jumping from canyon wall to canyon wall as he fired his energy at boulders, trees, and anything else that got in his way.

"I will never be beaten again!" He yelled as he jumped into the air and fired at the ground with his energy, causing small craters to form under the impact of the ki beam.

As Kinoko fired beam after beam from his right hand, he formed more energy around his left hand, just to practice his two handed energy combat. He pushed both ki beams slowly and gracefully as if doing the move underwater. The energy he released to both arms had to be controlled simultaneously, but seperately. They are both two different weapons with the same goal, hit the target. Kinoko started to pick up the pace and in no time he fired the beams at different targets in the canyon. Just as Kinoko was about to run out of energy, he gave his all. His hands moved in rapid motion at the wall of the canyon as he released ki beam after ki beam at the rock.

The beams exploded and sent the side of the canyon crumbling down to where he stood. The rubble stopped just short of his feet and the dust started to settle. Kinoko had become a little tired.

"I should probably do a litte more." Kinoko said as he looked up the canyon wall.

Kinoko grasped the bottom of the canyon wall and started to climb up it. With each labored grasp he pushed off with his feet climbing inch by inch to the top. It would take him a couple of hours to climb the massive wall and he would surely feel it the next day. As he got midway up he lost his grip and slid all the way back down to the floor of the canyon.

"Damn." He thought to himself as he started back to the top.

The wall seemed like a challenge to him after expending so much energy training his new technique. He then decided that he wouldn't fall again and gained a brilliant idea. He would charge his ki in his hands and feet and punch the canyon wall to make holes for easier climbing and more of a foot hold. He charged his hand and punched the wall and repeated the move with his other hand. Pretty soon he was off, climbing at a quicker rate that he had done before.

He managed to make it further than he had before and it was getting fairly routine to him now. He made it three-fourths of the way and was starting to get exhausted.

"A little more." He told himself as he climbed even more.

The wall shook as each punch rattled the wall sending rocks flying right by his head and that narrowly missed him. He finally made it a few feet from the top and in just enough time. He nearly passed out as he placed his hand on the top of the canyon. He shakily pulled himself to the top and laid down. He was breathing heavily and his hands were bloodied from punching the wall so much.

"Too...tired to make camp. I should just take a nap for a little while and make my way back to the woods to set up a camp." Kinoko told himself and started to close his eyes.

He had completed his training for the day and mastered a new technique. He would do the same for the rest of his days. He was quickly becoming more powerful each day and would soon be able to train under the great saiyn king, King Vegeta. His training would be intense under the tutelage of the king and he didn't want to disappoint his king. If he was going to get stronger, he would have to rid himself of the pain he felt when his tail was grabbed by enemies. King Vegeta did not train warriors until their strength was worthy of his training. Kinoko's goal was to be trained by King Vegeta.


(In short, 10x Regular Training and learning Ki Beam complete)

Word Count: 1,322
Needed Word Count: 400
Bonus Word Count: 922

Technique Learned: Ki Beam

1st - SPIRIT +12
2nd - STRENGTH +8
3rd - ENDURANCE +5

SPR + 476
STR + 268
END + 178

((Sorry about last time. Didn't read the fine print of Ki Beam, haha.))

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Re: 10x Regular Training and Ki Beam Technique

Post  Korn✔ on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:40 am

((LoL did some calculation didn't you? Exactly 500 each :PP ))

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