The Visitor,Part 2

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The Visitor,Part 2

Post  Son Kiryu on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:49 pm

As I start to take my fighting stance,Orion lunged at me and tried to upper-kick my head but I manged to dodge it. Still,he took the offensive by firing an serie of lighting fast kicks and punches however I was able to evade these as well.Orion,growing with frustation begins to power up as an blue ki engulfed his body "Now,any last words?"Then,he lifts up his right hand and charged up an ball of ki and fired."Very arrogant for an Namekian"I thought and simply step asides."Is this a joke or what?If this is all your power,I must say it is very dissapointing".Orion getting angry by that comment said"Why you little!That it´s prepare to DIE!!!and in an second he stooped and in a face of fear,saw as I charge up."What!?He´s getting stronger by the second""Now it´s my turn.I flew at him and knees his stomach and right-punch his face back and forth then I elbow the top of his skull and he dropped to his knees and said "how is this possible!?You can´t be that powerful!He stood up and in his left hand,a dark blue ki appeared and he lanched it and it´s manged to hit my right shoulder."Arrghh!!and I fell now,the hit was so hard that I was bleeding A LOT but I had my conscience long enough to see that another Namekian has arrived and with that,I close my eyes to accept my fate.
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