The Visitor Part 1

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The Visitor Part 1

Post  Son Kiryu on Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:49 pm

As my eyes struugle to open,I can only remember those hateful words: "You are nothing more than a insect,you don¨t deserve to be called an Saiyan".Then,a wave of red ki engulfed me in a world of pain and hulimation.I woke up,looked around me and it was an green sky-planet with huge mountains and clean waters "This is not Planet Vegeta ,This must be BOOMMMMM!.Out of nowhere,came an blast of ki strong enough to blow the gtound near me."Ha Ha Ha!Well,look what we got here,an little brat"."Allow me to introduce myself,I am Orion,the strongest Namekian in my village and I don't like trespassers","Now tell why are you here"I stood up and told me directly in the eyes "I'am here to destroy you",Well then.LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!!!!

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