The Visitor,Part 3

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The Visitor,Part 3

Post  Son Kiryu on Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:42 pm

"he,he,he,he,Ha,Ha,Ha,What´s the matter,Kiryu?You don´t to play any more?FINE!!! I will finish you like the pest you are and I heard the voice said "GALICK GUN!!!! I woke up with an sensation of fear in my veins and looked around.It´s was a white room similiar to tose in the hospital back at Planet Vegeta and then an Namekian entered and said "Oh,you have awakened ","W-Where I'am?,"You are at an Namekian village and I'am the village elder,Tsuno and I must say that is quite a injury you have,pointing at my right shoulder."By the way?,how did you lost?,"I-i don't know,one minute the fight was on my favor and by the other,the tables were turned."Indeed,Orion was an strong Namekian","His power was powerful to kil you and ever more when angered"."but I have him on the ropes,I don`t see ho-Orion somehow knew that your power was ow and didn't take you as a danger but you started to beat him,his anger manged to help rise his power to kill you you were lucky,if it`s wasn`t my servant Kato to save your life,you might be at The Other World right now."Also,if you wish to go,so be it but beware,The Evil Namekian are very powerful,Orion was just one of them"."Now I can train you to be stronger and teach you new techiques in order to survive,what do you say?Without a moment's hestation,I said"All right,I'am in.".The Elder smiles and told me "Good,we will begin torrorrow but for now,Get some rest".Then he went outsides and I lay my head down,close my eyes and sleep to get ready for another day.
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