Saiabamen Battle(Complete)

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Saiabamen Battle(Complete)

Post  Daichi on Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:59 pm

Daichi lands on the battlefield and is prepared for his upcoming threat. The saiyans had called him through his transmitting device and they wanted to test Daichi's skills in combat. Daichi knew the day for him to overthrow the saiyan kingdom would one day come, but today was not the day. Daichi had to become a skilled warrior if he wanted to put an end to the saiyans evil ways. Daichi calls out "So! What is to be my first test of strength?!" The announcer calls out "You must defeat these three saibamen!" Daichi raised one eyebrow. "Is that all? For once, i actually thought it would be a challenge. Oh well. Bring on the match!" Daichi knew of the saibamen. These were no threat to him at all. The announcer threw down a cup of the mystrious substance that was used to plant these creatures. He then dropped the water onto them. The battle was about to begin. The ground began to crack, the three cabbage headed beast began to rise out. Daichi knew that sound. "GIKKI!" The Saibamen chanted in their language, a language that no one would understand. The language that was already starting to annoy Daichi. Daichi motioned the cabbage headed monsters in so that they could attack. They each charged at Daichi, coming from three different directions. But Daichi was ready for them. Daichi launched a ki blast at one monster and came into kick another. The first monster managed to knock Daichi's blast away. The second one was to weak to block Daichi's kick. It was sent flying through a barrage of trees that filled the area. Daichi then headed for the beast that had knocked his blast of energy away. He came in, he charged his energy into his fist. There he smashed the beasts head in. The beast fell to the floor. Daichi stepped on the monster. "That was to easy." Daichi turned his back and prepared to take on the next and final monster. Although the second monster had one more trick up his sleeve. He planned to blow himself up. The monster quickly jumped up and attempted to grip Daichi. He was too slow. Daichi turned around and launched a ki blast at the monster which sent him flying a few feet. The monster was in the middle of his attack and he blew up on contact with the blast. Daichi cracked his neck. The final battle was at hand. Daichi waited for the monster to make his move. The beast had a hint of fear in it's eyes but it was still ready to attack. "Gikki!" The monster cried out as his head opened up. He shot a green substance at the saiyan warrior but it was futile. Daichi flew out of the way. A huge hole appeared where the beasts acid had landed. If it had hitten Daichi, it would have been over. Daichi then charges at the beast and prepared for the final blow. Daichi's fist collided with the beast's face sending him flying. Daichi wasn't finished yet. Daichi flew at the monster with great speed. Daichi's foot hit the monster's face. Daichi decided to ride the saibaman like a snow board. Daichi kicked the beast to the ground. And slammed his foot into the monster's chest causing a hole in that part of the monster. Daichi then began to slide on the monster. The beast was finished when Daichi kicked his chest. The beast quickly bled to death. Daichi flipped off the beast and walked back over to the center of the field. "Okay. It's over! I've finished your little test. I'd say i passed with flying colors. Don't you believe?" Daichi questioned the announcer. "Why you little! Gr. Fine, you passed, but be warned. There are going to be many test after this one!" The announcer said. Daichi could tell by the tone of his voice, he wasn't happy. It seemed as though he wanted to get rid of him. Daichi couldn't let that happen. Daichi walked away and prepared to train for his up coming challenges.

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