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Post  Uchiha on Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:38 pm

Earth. A planet containing several continents and oceans supervised by a blue sky. Each cloud that passed over the lands was like a boss that went to and fro, looking down upon the workers below that we call humans. The planet was not just multicultural, it was also multiracial. Saiyans, Humans, Namekians, Androids, Hybrids, and many other aliens shared this planet together. Training these folk were two individuals: Roshi and Kami. It was said that one had to spend two weeks under their wing in order to undergo their various trials. They were the guardians of earth, the Hokages of the planet as the shinobi would often say.

Scattered about the face of the planet were hidden villiages, each one specializing in certain kinds of jitsu that shinobi were skilled in depending where they were. Some villiages specialized in water, others in earth-styles, others in mist. Uchiha happened to be from the villiage hidden in the leaves, a town skilled in earth-style ninjitsu. At age fifteen, he was already a Jonin, a ranked ninja that was below Hokage. Jonin worked as leaders of squads and teachers in the hidden-leaf village. Present day, Uchiha works for the ANBU black ops, a secretive organization that carries out the most-important missions for the village. They also serve as body guards for the Hokage and keep watch to make sure no one harms the village.


There was one person Turles wanted to kill more than anyone: Clight. This person he was tracking was someone who had escaped from the underworld. Previously raised from the dead by demons, the young saiyan had immediately squared off against the risen fighter. The man who brandished a huge sword, he was known as the fighter brandishing the Calis. Some time had passed since that last battle of his. Now Turles had a sword of his own: The Xodus, a dark-tinted blade with a charcol hilt from the depths of Mortoseth, delibertly lost long ago by Adel himself. Now the arlian-crafted blade of past times was in the hands of the saiyan warrior, a worthy weapon that would be used in his upcoming battle against Clight. Earth was no place he particularly cared about. But it was here that he had located Clight, his enemy he had trained for so hard against. His moment would soon come where he would face that scoundrel again.

The saiyan warrior stood on a rooftop of a building in North City, not caring about the people below him. The young saiyan was too busy trying to locate where his enemy could be. He was certain he was someone in the city, but not sure where. There were traces of his aura here, but the exact location remained a mystery.

"This is proving more difficult than I thought. I will have to sent out some tracking devices in order to get a lead. For now, I will have to wait to see if the trace begins to move," thought Turles as he knelt on the roof top. His location was high above the ground, towering above most of the buildings below by at least ten stories. No one would really notice the saiyan up there anyway. There would also be no way for Clight to detect his presence thanks to his ability to supress ki, that is, if Clight could really sense him at all. He was also able to change his signature to that of a human, so that no one would be able to tell who he really was. This was a trick he had learned during a previous battle back on Kelioux.

The saiyan took off his backpack and placed it before him, carefully unzipping it and placing three tiny drones before him, as well as several strange looking pieces of technology that expanded with the touch of a button.

"I'll set up shop here for now. I have the tools I needed to monitor the area. Time for these drones to do their work and scout out the region for me," thought the saiyan as he activated the drones and punched in commands using his laptop. Immediately they sprung to life and began to beep and scuttle about, making their way to the edge of the building with an insect-like motion before hovering into the air and disappearing out of sight.

"I know he is here. Now it will only be a matter of time until I find him."


Clight grinned as he ventured through the forest, jumping from tree to tree with haste. Although the Konohogura was nearby, it was a village he wanted to avoid. The masked fighter with the big-ass sword didn't want to alert any shinobi to his presence. He had a mission to accomplish and wanted to get it done as soon as possible. Having been in North City, he suspected that he was being followed and quickly absconded, leaving behind two doppelgangers in his place. Whoever was tracking him down would eventually run into them. They would provide a good enough delay until he was safe out of his stalker's reach. At the same time, he was erasing his tracks to make sure no one would be able to follow up on his whereabouts.

His mission was to track down five gems, each located in different places in the country. With each gem combined, he would be able to summon a scroll. The scroll was deliberately hidden away so that no one would be able to easily find it. Thanks for rumours he had heard while in the after life from individuals who believed no one could escape death, he learned of it's existence. Indeed, those evil men who died who tried to pursue it talked about it in the afterlife. Now that Clight had been freed, he wanted to pursue it. The scroll was said to contain many forbidden techniques, sealed away supposedly forever in order to prevent anyone from using it. Not just that, each gem was protected by a guardian who specialized in certain kinds of fighting abilities. Even if all the gem guardians were to be defeated, there would be at least several other obstacles to get around in dealing with summoning the scroll using all the gems. His first order of business was to see Dr. Kur, and old friend that specialized in these sorts of things.


Konohagura village. It was the home of Uchiha. His father was in charge of the police force that kept the peace on the village, while the young shinobi was one of the leading men in the Anbu black ops. Like any other day in the village, Uchiha's day started out by eating some ranmen at one of the restraunts around the village. However, today he was called by the Hokage to partake in an C-ranked mission along with a team of other shinobi. Leading the squad as a Jonin, Uchiha was dispatched along three other ninja, all ranks as Chunin level. Their job was to protect a man named Kariga while he travelled from their village back to his home town in the land of plains, a country just past the land of mountains. It would take about a journey of three day's to get there traveling by the western road. The squad of ninja quickly made their way to the gate of the village where Kariga was waiting for them.

“Ah, nice to finally see you,” greeted the middle aged man as he moved forward to shake all their hands.
“Pleasure is mine,” smiled Miki as she took a step toward him and shook his hand. She closed her eyes as she giggled.
“We'll see that you get to where you need to go! No one will lay a finger on ya!!!” exclaimed Jugo, a spikey haired shinobi. He was the tallest one and towered over his team mates and the man he was assigned to protect.

“Less talk. More action. Let's go,” muttered Uchiha as he shook the hand of the man he had to protect. “Your safe with us. No need to worry,” continued the shinobi.

The party of five began to make their way away from the village, passing through the gates of Konohagura. As they traveled along the road west, the appearance of the town became smaller until it could be seen no more as it disppeared behind the horizon. It was about morning when they began to travel and casually made their way through the forest unopposed.


Amidst the bustling crowds of North City were two clones of one man: Clight. Their normal clothing was covered by trench coats, their huge-ass blades hidden within their garments. They were assigned to keep watch in the city for their pursuer and distract him. Being the clones that they were, they were not ones to talk. Their only objective was to locate their target and take him out.

Looking around, both ninjas could see nothing above as they surveyed the landscape. They didn't want to give away their position to anyone who may be looking for them, wanting to have the element of surprise first. If there was someone in the city, they would soon find them. One of the clones gave the other a glance. This was their signal for one of them to move into a better position, possibly to move into a building and then hover into the sky from there. They didn't want to draw any crowds and other potential fighters who may be present. Their job was to look for the one individual.

Clight began to dash down the street on the sidewalk, past all the crowds of people as he made his way to a side street. He wanted to find an ally somewhere so that he could start to fly into the air without anyone noticing. If he could get a better view, perhaps he would be able to find who ever it. Pausing for a moment, Clight took some time to sense for the location of a possible target. Nothing. Not one trace. The only thing he could sense was the people around him. This was going to be a hard guy to find and possibly someone hard to defeat if he had these kinds of abilities.

Meanwhile, the other Clight kept his position, looking around for anything out in the ordinary. Something caught his attention. It was a small object flying through the air. What could that possibly be he thought. Perhaps it had to do with who ever was trying to find him. It was plausible that the little flying thingy was a reoncessance device that was trying to seek him out. What a comforting thought! He finally had a lead. Dashing towards the object as a slightly faster than normal speed, he began a hot persuit of it. Although he could run much faster, he didn't want to make it obvious who he really was. Seeing a motorcycle with a man on it parked at a stop light, Clight quick dashed towards it and grabbed the man, shoving him off the motorcycle as he stole his ride and began to travel illegal down the street trying to keep up with the object, going through red-lights and such. There was no mistake. He now saw two of those same objects. His stalker was here, somewhere, possibly nearby and he had a chance to locate him. Hearing some sirens in the distance, the fighter growled at being followed by the North City police. He had drawn unwanted attention to himself. It wouldn't really matter, because he would be able to easily shake them off in the end. As Clight drove on the road, he made a quick break for a sideroad and sped up as fast as he could, swirving through allyways and tiny roads to make it onto another busy street. Successfully evading the police, Clight continued to drive, looking for a place to leave the motorcycle behind and fly into the sky. After a moment, he caught sight of a large park, which he quickly drove towards. After arriving into the parking lot, the fighter got off the vihecle and made a break towards a little forest section, where no people were located. Still seeing the objects buzzing in the air, he decided to power up and blast towards them with immense speed. It didn't matter now. He would have been discovered eventually. As he made his way to the flying devices, he hoped his other clone would sense him flying towards something and that he would be able to find his stalker.


“Something is approaching,” thought the saiyan as he began to sense the power of a strong fighter approaching in his direction. His devices hadn't even picked up anything, let alone sensed someone, neither did his laptop display any readings other than what he had sensed. There was no mistaking it: It was Clight. He somehow found his location and had hid while doing so. Perhaps it was the devices that gave him away. Maybe his opponent didn't even see him. No matter, he found who he was looking for and would soon take care of his enemy.

The saiyan warrior quickly packed up his belongings and placed them to his side, giving an order via a device he had attached to his wrist that told one of the devices to grab his belongings and fly them to his ship some distance away. He did not want his belongings damaged, for he needed them, especially if Clight escaped him. Little did the masked warrior know what he was going up against in a fight against Turles.

Powering up, the young saiyan reached his maximum, unleashing a flash of light that lasted for a few seconds, lingering as it the Xodus-bearer reached the climax of his power level. Grinning, he blasted off into the sky towards the power that he sensed. Upon approaching the stranger, there was no mistaking who he found. It was Clight. There was no mistaking the bad-ass sword of his and the typical bandages that he brandished around his jaw and torso, with that typical headband of his. As Turles approached closer to Clight, he placed both his hands in front of him and quickly released dozens of blasts of needle-shaped energy blasts at his opponent. A shower of pin-like objects raced towards the masked warrior as the Energy Dan came upon him like a rush of arrows.

With a shout, the masked warrior immediately dissipated the shower or ki blasts that had been sent towards him. An explosion could be seen as they appeared to hit a wall of ki created by Clight's shouting. Turles grinned that his opponent had already used a Kiai to defend against such a fundamental attack.

With a shout, Clight had dispersed the energy attacks, causing them to explode in the process. As the smoke cleared, a visible masked warrior remained unscathed. Taking a quick glance around, the fighter began to shift his eyes from left to right to scan the area. Nothing. The other clone was no where to be seen. Unable to focus on where the other fighter could be, Clight took a step back into a defensive position as he braced himself for Turles, who had dashed towards him in flight. Powering up to his maximum, a flash of light flowed from his body and engulfed him in an aura of power. With a shout, he unleashed the pinnacle of his power, causing the wind to push Turles back slightly. The spikey-hair saiyan winced she he tried to withstand the wind that had begun to push him back. A moment later, the air subsided and became calm.


Half a day had passed as Itachi and his squad mates walked through the forest. It had begun to rain, causing the road to become murky. Every step they took caused their feet to sink slightly into the mud below them, every step they moved from the murky ground caused mud to splatter slightly around them. It was cold and getting dark as nightfall began to set in. Itachi knew they had to find a place to set up camp in order to sleep for the night, so he informed his teammates of his intentions.

“It's getting dark, we need to find a place to camp for the night.”
“Great Idea! Let's camp somewhere in the forest over there!!” suggested Judo as he pointed towards an off-road part of the forest.

“I was thinking of up there in where those rocks were. They have some ample protection from the mud and rain,” override d the squad leader as he made more of a statement than a suggestion. “So let's go. It is a good place for us to sleep for the night.”
“Sounds good to me,” shrugged the man who they were protecting as he went ahead of them to where the rocky elevation was. The place was not too much higher from the ground and appeared more of a small hill with some boulders and trees that sheltered them from the rain and the terrain below. It was a good cover, as the shinobi would be able to set up a small shelter for themselves.

After they had set up shelter, Uchiha went around the area to gather some wood for a small fire. After he finished getting what he needed, the young jonin went back to the shelter and started a small fire, the warmth of the flames comforted them as the light radiated around the camp, generating a peaceful yet cozy glow that helped everyone to relax. Sitting by the fire, Uchiha began to think of his mission ahead and other various things that didn't matter.

“Is it really true what they have said about you?” asked a familiar voice.
Turning around to his side, Uchiha saw the old man with a serious look that immediately changed to that of a smile. “I mean, your comrades say that you one of the best in your village.”
“Yes, it is true.”
“Can you do me a favour?”
“Sure, what is it?”
“Stay in my village for a few days after you guys arrive. My people will take care of you and the others and provide you all with food and shelter. It wouldn't hurt to rest and relax a little.”
“I'll think about it. I don't see why not.”
“It would be great to have you guys.”

Clight quickly dashed towards Turles and attempted to deliver a right hook to his temple and a front kick-jumping front kick combination to the saiyan's torso. However, his opponent was fast and quickly blocked and fended all his attacks, retaliating with two quick right punches of his own to the masked man's face. The sheer speed of them caught him off guard, and Clight was sent back a meter. Turles ran at the man, getting in close and attempting to grab hold of his opponent and knee him in the fast. The force of the kick was not as strong as Clight would have thought, but it still hurt and he felt the cartilage of his nose being slightly readjusted on his face to the side. With a broken nose, the masked warrior began to bleed. Blood trickled down without him realizing it. With the smack of a spinning side kick, Clight was sent flying to the side and fell to the ground with a gigantic thud. Turles glared down at the fallen warrior who had was over ten stories below him. A smile came to his face. This was sweet revenge for the saiyan. He was much more faster than his opponent could even come to imagine, perhaps twice as fast now.

Struggling to get up from the ground, Clight slowly got up. The fighter was stronger than before. He knew who he was. This was the same person that he had defeated some time ago and the same person who he bumped into when he came back from the dead. So it was he who was tracking him, it was he who was bent on getting revenge for his stupid saiyan pride. How pathetic. He wanted to redeem himself from being defeated that one day. A smile came to Clight's face. It's gonna piss him off when he finds out they were clones and not the real deal. The real Clight wouldn't be this easily overtaken, or perhaps the young lad just got stronger all along.

Looking up, the masked warrior began to glare above, but couldn't find his opponent. Quickly sensing for Turles, the man realized that his clone was here now. He could sense his own ki somewhere above along with that saiyan's power. They were both locked in a fight, and soon this clone would be joining them, making it a two on one.

Turles could see that he was fighting doppelgangers, but which one was the real Clight. As they both hovered into position next to one another, he could see the one that he had bruised earlier. Most likely that was the one who was the clone since he was weak and not as fast as he had anticipated. The saiyan immediately charged at them, the two clones doing the same thing. As the two sides began to clash, fist after fist was exchanged. Buildings began to crumble from the immense power being discharged by each individual. Ki blasts were sent through out the air, often missing their targets and hitting the city below, causing fatalities and immense destruction. Explosion after explosion was created as all three warriors matched power blast with another. Crowds of people could be seen below running from the area, running for their lives. Clicking his scouter, Turles could see that they were twelve thousand power level, almost half as much as his own power. But together they equalled his, and it was proving a challenge, just as he expected.

Clight and his clone were having a hard time trying to defeat their saiyan opponent. Not only was he twice as fast, he appeared to be twice as strong. The battle was not in their favour from the looks of it and they were running out of stamina quickly. Grabbing a hold of his sword, it was time to resort to stronger tactics. Bringing the bad-ass sword before him, Clight watched as the other clone continued to engage their opponent, being mostly overwhelmed by punches from the spike-haired saiyan. Charging up ki and channelling it into the tip of his sword, he took a swing and unleashed it.

“Windbreaker!” shouted Clight as a rush of wind was generated, sending a wave of compressed wall of air and a wall of shock wave of ki towards the other two fighters. Noticing what had happened, Turles quickly delivered a hammer blow to the clone he had engaged to the ground and rotating slightly to the side and quickly shouted out loud, protecting himself from the attack. The kiai that he used saved him from what would have been a devestating blow. Clight powered up his sword and quickly did the same thing once more, sending two waves towards Turles. Flying high into the air, the young saiyan avoided the masked warrior's move, power flying towards the man with the sword. The speed of his power fly enabled him to reach Clight in seconds, and upon getting in a close range, the young saiyan slammed his fist right hard into the masked warrior's jaw. Following up with a knee to his face, Turles stunned his opponent, causing the guy to drop his sword as he temporarily blacked out. Withdrawing the Xodus, Turles jumped into the air and delivered a quick divide unto the clone, easily cutting him in half. Now there was only one Clight to deal with.


After a day, Uchiha and others finally made it to the village hidden in the mountains. It was situated by some hills, surrounded by many rocking mountains that had glaciers. There were no forests, but there were many trees scattered about, and village was situated next to a dark-blue lake. Entering the village, Uchiha and his crew were greeted by the people as they delivered the old man to them safe and sound.

“Come, come. Make yourselves at home. There should be a ramen shop called Gyozas!!! for you to dine at. It's on us!” exclaimed the old man.
Glad, the squad of four casually made their way to it and began to eat their, enjoying an hour or two or their day socializing amongst themselves. As they were eating, Jugo decided to order a bottle of sake for them all to enjoy. However, Uchiha declined, citing that he didn't care for liquor." It's Time to hunt for dragonballs," he said.

Wanted: 5,00 Pl i want.

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Re: The Fantasy Saga

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((You should read the information in the portal. You need to generate the character sheet in your profile, post the stats you want to start with and such
After you read it, edit the post. The roleplay itself is good =] ))

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Re: The Fantasy Saga

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(( It's a good rp just confusing on if it's a naruto rp or dbz lol! ))

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Re: The Fantasy Saga

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