awakening of 0mega 13

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awakening of 0mega 13

Post  cypheroth on Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:09 am

Our story begins several generations ago on the original home world of the saiyans, or as it was known then the home world of the tuffles. Many know the tale of the world split in two, one side an extremely advanced race with amazing technologies known as the tuffles. The other race a virtual cliche of warrior race; they were strong, large, fast, and had the ability to transform into a giant ape (ozaru) on the rare occasion of a full moon, they were the fearsome saiyans. Inevitably these two polar opposite races were drawn into a war. This part of history is pretty well known, the tuffles held there own with the use of there technology until the ghastly night of the full moon otherwise known as the end of the tuffles. What is not known is a small group of scientists were sent underground in the most secure bunker the tuffles had, long before that fateful night. There task was to use the best of there technology to create a weapon that could wipe out the saiyans, they were just one of the teams assigned to find a solution but they were one of only two who's creation survived. They had all the provisions they needed to stay underground for several years or even decades and thought nothing of the loss of communication with the outside world hypothesizing they were down because of the battle and became single minded, eventually losing all track of time. Finally one day after 12 failed attempts they're creation was complete, the ultimate in biotechnology. It was a fully sentient and self adapting android made out of mostly organic material with just a biotic brain and enhancement throughout the construct. As a sick joke they made its image in the form of the thing that inspired there biggest fears. A tell told for generations of the fearsome ozaru was there inspiration. They took in the sight of they're nearly eight foot tall black haired monstrosity. What stood out most was its glowing red demon eyes, and today those eyes awakened for the first time......

"Tuffle ultimate battle android 0mega 13 online....powering up......Temporarily deactivating adaptive artificial intelligence for tactical appraisal.......scanners initializing.....WARNING WARNING hostile targets identified in mass numbers." Once the rough voice ended its initial statement the scientists smiles faded as they realized what that meant. "0mega 13, this is Dr. Croan, authorization code tuffle omega." The doctor stated in a rushed manner. "Authorization accepted" 0mega 13 replied with the dull monotone of machine with no emotion. "Please tell us the hostiles that surround us, and tell us the life signs of tuffles in your scanner range" Dr. Croan asked with hesitance, knowing the only hostiles loaded for him at the moment were saiyans. "Hostile is classified as saiyan, tuffle life sign in vacinity is negative." The Dr. and his team wept at this news in front of an android with his emotions disabled which equaled the same emotional capacity as a toaster.
"0mega 13 you were built to adapt and learn so you have no functionality at the moment and will be no match against there numbers, we were hoping you would get to grow with time because even in your infantile stage you could destroy a saiyan or two by yourself" the Dr. continued "we thought we were clever installing subroutines in you to learn and grow stronger from each fight much like they do, you are even able to learn techniques just by being exposed to them." "We have no choice but to deactivate you until we find a way to smuggle you out of here, we have a pod that is near indestructible for you to slumber in."

0mega 13 responded quickly with " I will deactivate and stay in such a state with just sensors running until reactivation." Dr. croan took a grievous look at his creation and had one final heartfelt message to give him. "0mega 13 there is a chance we will not find a window to escape, we will not take even the slightest chance because we do not want you to be found. upon your reactivation you have my authorization to activate your A.I. subroutines, i want you to experience life. I was young when we started this so you are as close to a family that i have had. You are the pinnacle of tuffle brilliance and most likely our last creation, if you ever get the chance remember your fathers only wish is for your growth as a sentient being and for revenge against this vile race of saiyans."

0mega 13 stood expressionless and said only "your message has been recorded for later processing." With tears in his eyes the doctor watched as his "son" went to sleep knowing he would not see him anymore. "Well we all know what choices we have" he said. the other tuffles only nodded as one of the scientists handed the doctor there only weapon, a small proton pistol. The choice facing them was a soon starvation due to resources running out or being discovered with life sign scanners and getting there creation destroyed, they wouldn't let that happen. the doctor said a quick "I love you all" and shot the only female on there team first to save her the horror of watching the rest, one tried to run for the first hatch connected to dozens to the way out. He got about four paces, the other two went quietly. Then thinking of his mother that was on the surface and her fate, and with one last look at his lifes work he finished the deed.

"Tuffle ultimate battle android 0mega 13 online....powering up......Temporarily deactivating adaptive artificial intelligence for tactical appraisal.......scanners initializing.....WARNING WARNING hostiles detected in mass numbers.......battle ready star ship detected in orbit..." It had obviously been a very long time since the androids last activation, the remains of the team were still somewhat intact due to the ventilation system shutting down long ago. 0mega 13 accessed the fatal wounds were self inflicted. His long range sensors showed a fairly large sized battle happening in space, the races involved were extremely varied. One saiyan was storming through there forces towards a single member of a species he did not know but had a massive power level. He accessed his surroundings realizing he was in the impervious pod the scientists had, he linked up with it to see its functionality. He found the systems were far advanced concluding it was a prototype of the highest achievement in tuffle technology, well second highest next to him. He kept hearing the playback of the doctors recording but ignored it since his A.I. was still off.

He saw the pod he was in was actually a space traveling apparatus that had enough fuel for one trip. He couldn't process a way to get it into space. While he was contemplating this as a power discharge caught his attention on his scanners it didnt last long but to an android it was an eternity for him to get data on. the discharge or blast was heading toward the unknown species member who sat alone in the sea of battle. he assumed the being would be destroyed by it but was as shocked as an android can be by a massive energy outburst that swallowed the former blast. In the seconds this was happening he computed that scanning the new anomaly as he did the first blast was pointless due to the distance and the power he would get nothing from it as he assumed he would from the first "ki blast". Next he determined the only reason to make such a mass of energy would be to destroy the planet, after that he computed his chances to survive using the ships phase shields and jettisoning at the precise timing of impact.

Those chances were eighty-seven percent, an acceptable outcome he decided. He programmed the ship for the tuffles last known place of interest, right when he did this the energy mass started towards the planet, his linkup to a now ancient satellite recorded a faint cackling he triangulated it to be from the one who threw the mass towards the planet. He noticed although massive the ball would need to be condensed to actually annihilate the planet, due to an outer atmospheric polarity the planet would have a thirty percent chance of some survival. He momentarily let his A.I. online, as per the doctors last authorization because the command kept beeping in on him. As his A.I. came online he still felt a cold emptiness but when the doctors recording played on the loop it was on once again he was flooded with new and strong sensations or emotions. In that instant he decided to access a still somewhat working tuffle mainframe and activate the command to counteract everything that would hinder the mass from annihilating the planet as his spite towards this vile race.

The destruction of the first planet vegeta was violent and short lived, 0mega 13 escaped in his pod shaped ship. He played the message from his creator before he went back into shut down to shorten the length of the trip, since now time actually factored to him with a new emotion of impatience kicking in. He decided to follow his wishes and emerge as a sentient bieng, he also vowed to one day track down all surviving saiyans not truly knowing what he would do to them. Thinking of his need to grow in strength he replayed the data of the "ki blast" fired by the now non existent saiyan towards the cackling, genocidal, unknown specie freak. He played this data on a loop continuously as he glided threw the galaxy at the lowest speed seeing as how he had only enough fuel for one trip and with the only species (tuffles) that could produce this fuel extinct he needed to take no chances. While playing the data of the "ki blast" he started a subroutine of battle simulations meant for training. It is close to what some species view as meditation training. Then he went to hibernation with only these subroutines running.

Years later he arrived at his destination. His scanners showed the planet was three fourths covered in water and was high in oxygen. Third planet from this solar systems sun it was a stunning sight to behold. He landed in a wasteland and as soon as he was operational let out a mighty roar, and used what he spent a long time analyzing. A sizable "Ki blast" that was amazingly pitch black in color. 0mega 13 found himself amused at his Ki's lack of color. His battle simulations or meditation training he also put to practice demolishing several pillars of rock. This was to be his stomping ground for his training, he found himself exhilarated until he saw on his scanner several large power levels. Now he was almost euphoric with his rush of joy at the thought of showing this planet the pride of the tuffles, the soon to be dominant being in the universe, 0MEGA 13!!!

((not sure how to do this i figure i could put a couple things together SO THIS IS THE BASE STUFF))
Zeny: 150

"new technique learned Ki blast"
((i found no rule on combining stuff so im thinkin i get credit for the ki blast along with the meditation training))

"meditation training"

"WORD COUNT= 1851"
"WORDS OVER 400= 1451"
((dont know if i should add the bonus above now or not so i wont))
zeny: dont know how you get it so 150 i guess
PL: ??



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Re: awakening of 0mega 13

Post  Korn✔ on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:40 am

((Belive it or not you got every thing right Razz Keep doing a good job))

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