Sudden interruption!

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Sudden interruption!

Post  Valken on Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:41 pm

Now capable of using bukujutsu without fail Valken comes within view of the Capitol city of New Vegeta and notices that just on the boarder from which he was arriving there was a rather large forest and not being in any forest for so many years since the last time he had gone out training with his father he decides to continue the rest of his trip to the city with a brief walk through the woulds rather than miss the opportunity with flying directly there.

As he takes his first few steps into the thick wooded area he starts to daydream remembering the days he spent with his father.*
"Stand tall! You call that a fighting stance?!" With a sudden kick to the ribs Valken is sent flying into a tree and falls to his hands and knee's as his first day of combat training with his father Akino begins. "Stand back up and don't act so weak! You're a Saiyan for cryin out loud show some pride in that fact!" Hearing his fathers scold Valken wobbles back to his feet again attempting to get into combat form."Good now come at me, show me what you got!" As he runs at his father he throws a punch..*

Suddenly a loud crashing noise snaps him out of his daydream and he looks toward where the noise came from, just barely able to move as someone is sent flying right towards him. He looks back to where the person was thrown from and see's another Saiyan dusting himself off all the while glaring at him as if he did something wrong.-
Whats your problem?-The Saiyan continued to glare at him flicking his tail back and forth like a wild cat would. Without really caring Valken shrugged and continued to walk in the direction of the city when suddenly the Saiyan rushed at him and kicked but he nimbly ducked and jumped back.- Just what the hell is your problem?! I only want to go to the city I'm not causing you any trouble!- Still with no response the wildly acting Saiyan glared at him and again attacked only this time with a ki blast.

Narrowly dodging the blast Valken retaliated with his own ki blast but the Saiyan was also agile and dodged the blast ducking behind a tree and rolling out the other side or so Valken thought as he shot a ki beam straight through it.-
Damn just a afterimage,.. now where could he have go,. AHG!- Before he got a chance to finish his sentence he was kicked and thrown into a tree knocking it down as he continued into yet another.-"Cough,cough" Why that little piece of shi"Cough"-Again hit before he could even finish his sentence and being thrown towards another tree Valken uses his ability of bukujutsu to spin himself over and instead of slamming into the tree he jumped off of it and flew back at his new foe slamming both of his fists into the stomach of his opponent sending him flying through a boulder turning it into a pile of rocks.

Without a sound the Saiyan stood back up and in a manner of what looked to Valken as crossing his arms removed them from their sockets up to the point of where the elbow is located and barely being able to dodge the thousands of needle like energy blasts the spot where he had stood a moment ago was now a large crater.-
That damn thing isn't a Saiyan! why the hell would a android be out here and who in their right mind would make one to look so much like a Saiyan?!- Glancing back out Valken seen the android starting to put it's arms back in place and took the opening to send a ki beam at it but it again dodged effortlessly. Now starting to get frustrated with this android he sent beam after beam at it until three out of seven connected, panting from exerting himself with so many beams in a row he quickly took cover behind a tree but rather than stay still he made sure not to move into view and hid behind another waiting for an opening and charging his remaining ki energy for his newly formulated plan.-I hope this works..-He mumbled to himself.

As the android jumped around the side of the tree shooting a blast of energy where Valken now hid he realized that it must have sensors to tell it just where he was at, now having to use his ki blast to defend himself rather than on the plan he had he cursed while jumping back and tossed the reddish ball of energy at the androids and hoped he had enough distance from the blast radius. As the two balls of energy clashed they exploded violently and knocked both of them back with neither losing their footing.-
Tsk, you're pretty good you hunk of nuts and bolts but what's your problem? Even an tin can like you should be able to talk!-Just as he finished his sentence he tripped over the body of the one who had just a few moments ago almost flown right into him and landed flat on his back.

As he jumped to his feet as quickly as he could he noticed it was a Human he had tripped over and there was a small sack gripped tightly in his hand but before he could attempt grabbing it to see what was in it he got an elbow to the side of his face which sent him spinning more than thirty yards bouncing him off of a few trees and a rather large rock on his way. With barely any ki left to spare he got back to his feet, wiped the blood that was running down his forehead into his right eye and aimed at the trees on either side of the android in an attempt to draw it's attention off of him even if for a few moments.
As the trees were hit by the weakened state ki beams only one of them fell when the other creaked but didn't fall only to tip precariously to one side, without fail the android dodged the falling tree and Valken used the brief moment to rush back to the body, grab the small sack and kept on running while he opened it to find some strange looking device and a oddly colored bean he recognized but just couldn't remember from where or why it seemed to be an important thing.

Before he got a chance to think about it anymore the android rushed at him so he quickly tucked the sack into his pocket and attempted to dash from tree to tree even though he knew he didn't have the strength left to outrun this foe so he finally just stopped and sat down accidentally sitting on the sack he had put in his pocket which had fallen out onto the ground as he sat down, with a rather loud cracking noise he yanked the sack out from under him and looked back up to where the android was which was now acting even more oddly as it took a few random steps and suddenly tipped over falling face first into the dirt.-
Now what the hell is going on? Well I suppose I can't complain but,... what happened to it? I thought I was dead for sure!-

He stood up wearily walking over to the android and kicked it over but it still didn't move, still not understanding what had just happened he walked back over to the Human and looked him over noticing that this Human was wearing what looked a lot like a lab coat only it was singed so badly from an energy attack he couldn't really tell. Shaking his head he walked over to a tree and leaned up against it letting his body slide down to the point of sitting and tried to make sense of what had happened.-
Maybe I did more damage than I thought?...or maybe the tin can ran out of batteries?.. no that's not it I barely got any hits in on it and androids don't really work like that... wait.. that strange device, could it really be!? He opened the bag and dumped out it's contents looking at the now broken device and the oddly shaped bean, as he looked at the device he began to realize what had really saved him and started to laugh at his own off the wall luck.

Now having time to relax and catch his breath he began to remember the rest of his daydream which had been interrupted by the crazed android.*
As he threw his punch he received a quick short jab to the stomach knocking the air from him and forcing him back to his knees while he clutched at his stomach" Don't tell me that's the best you can do! Get back up try again!" Staggering back to his feet he looked up at his father then fell back over and without another word his father scoffed, walking away" Already seven you should be able to take more of a beating than that, heck you still can't even manage a ki attack yet" Mumbling as he walked away back to town not even noticing that his son had gotten back up and started to follow." Cursed with such a weak offspring, Why me? Oh well he can find his own way back home" *

With the memory fading away and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees he shakes his head a little.-
Damn why did I even bother with this forest, nothing but a bad time even in my mind-He sighed and then leaned forward pulling his pack out from behind him. When he opened it he noticed the damage that the android had caused to everything in the lower compartment of it and seen that only one of the oddly shaped flasks of water were still intact while most of his meat was now a pile of mush. After cleaning out the ruined items he ate what was left drank the final flask of water and noticed that the bean was still laying on the ground next to the broken device.-Ah why not, I'm still hungry anyway, not like this will do much for my hunger.-

He tossed the bean into his mouth and chewed it but once he swallowed it he was amazed at the sudden change in how he felt. He jumped up to his feet flexing both his arms and turned to either side moving around in ways that had just brought him pain only to see that none of it hurt as if he hadn't been in a fight at all, even his ki felt fully restored.-
Just what was that thing?! If I knew it would do that I would have saved it for a more critical time than this! Damn, what a waste of such a strange yet useful thing.- Wishing he had a whole bag of the odd little beans he noticed that he felt completely full also as if he just ate a feast of food, shrugging at the fact that he couldn't change the fact of him eating it he continued to walk through the forest trying to remember just where he had seen beans like that before and just what they were called.

As he reached the far end of the forest he could now see the entrance to the capitol city of New Vegeta and was glad to be rid of the forest, android and the foul memory it had brought forth. He couldn't help but find himself walking slightly faster as he got even closer to the monstrous size of this city-
First thing I'm gonna do is find a bar and have myself a full keg of the best ale they can serve!-As he reached the entrance of the city he could hear the loud noises from within and all the chatter from so many different people talking.
((Well this should make of for the points I missed out on in my last post Razz and as usual I want some criticism so speak up people! Very Happy ))

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Re: Sudden interruption!

Post  Korn✔ on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:20 pm

((Nice one Valken!))

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