Becoming the Strongest

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Becoming the Strongest

Post  Shade Cloverfield on Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:44 pm

The sun had just risen, its light slowly uncovering a forest, one that was shrouded with darkness only moments earlier. Shade was still asleep, like most days, and was only woken up when the sun shined its light through his bedroom window and onto his face. Shade yawned, tired from staying up late the night before, slowly sat up and stretched out his arms."I really need to get a curtain for my window". Shade mumbled under his breath as he got out of bed, heading towards his closet to get some clothes.

After putting on a black T-shirt,a pair of blue jeans, and his black sneakers, he headed out of his room and out the front door."Well, i guess i can go for a walk since i'm up". Shade said to himself as he walked towards the river that was nearest to his house. As he neared the river, Shade stretched out his arms once again."(Yawn), Next time i shouldn't stay up so late".

Walking upstream, Shade stop after a mile and sat on the river bank. After sitting for a minute, Shade got up and walked back to his house, walking around to the back."Okay, I better train before the day is done so i don't stay up so late like yesterday". Shade practiced a few kicks and punches on the trees he had used before. After what felt like hours, Shade had gone back into his house and started eating a sandwich he'd made."Guest i'm done for today". Shade walked into his room and took out a picture of his parents."Don't worry Mom and Dad, I'm going to become he strongest martial artist in the world, just like you wanted me to". Shade said as he held the picture.

ZENNY: 250
PL: 175
STR: 10
AGI: 10
END: 10
SPR: 5

(I hope i did this right)

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