Another fighter: Meet Komizu!

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Another fighter: Meet Komizu!

Post  mkGohan on Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:06 pm

Komizu was a normal energetic boy. Being and orphan and having no one watch over him, he would wonder off into the forest. It made him love nature and life, which he vowed to protect. Komizu would visit the Dojo in his town to get stronger enough to do so. They always said he was weak and would never amount to anything but he didn't give up. Eventually word came out about the world tournament coming up.
'This would be a great chance to get stronger!' He thought
After a week of preparation, and some zeni from his Dojo master, Komizu set his sights on traveling to Papaya Island to compete in the World Tournament. He was also hoping that on his 3 year journey to meet the great Muten Roshi he heard so much about...

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