Kakarrot Kai Roshi, elite adventure on Earth

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Kakarrot Kai Roshi, elite adventure on Earth

Post  Kakarrot Roshi on Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:48 am

Being born to a saiyan elite family Kai was trained and educated in the best saiyan training and educational facilities. He was usually cheerful and laid back but because of his saiyan upbringing he was sharp witty and almost without fear. He strived to be like his father a powerful saiyan ,but One day when he was 10 while he was still asleep his parents put him on a spaceship to earth, he woke up while his parents were prepping his spaceship he woke up. he looked around and saw his father "Dad? what's going on?" he asked "Son, don't panic i'm sending you into orbit, your mother and I will retrieve you soon. Planet Vegeta is under attack from Frieza." After saying this his father knocked him out, and the ship flew into space. When he woke up he looked at the ships controls and noticed that he was headed for earth on the screen he saw that he had a pre-recorded message on it. He clicked on the message and it was his father telling him to remember his training and if they could they would join him. When the ship landed on earth Kai got off and saw a new world, and set off on his own adventure.

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