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A New Hero

Post  sayain1224 on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:25 pm

'Splash''Splash' As I [Daunte] walked along the rainy road i thought about how i was going to beat a man. here on New Vegeta there are ruthless warriors just waiting to be beaten. though, no opponent is werthy. i glanced along the road to see a mysterious creature with red eyes and terrible yellow skin. i wanted to take a closer look but my powre level is only 200.and i thought it was just a trick that the boys set up but i was terribly wrong. i steped up for myself and got closer to this thing.but only when i got to it ,it pounced on me with extreme might."ugh!" i blacked out right before i heard a scream then a pop!.when i woke up 2 min later,i think to myself 'i really over exagerated'.seeing that i saw guts all over the place along with red eyes i realize that i remember a beam of light coming from my hand.'I KILLED IT YAY!"

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