The Arrival of Joratz

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The Arrival of Joratz

Post  Joratz on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:55 am

The desert heat on New Vegeta was more than most people could handle, but Joratz prided himself on being able to tolerate the extreme environment. The sun had beat down on him for hours, burning his skin and sucking the moisture from his body. He had not drank in over a day, and his throat felt as dry as the sand beneath him.

Crouched atop a dune, the young Saiyan surveyed the featureless terrain and caught sight of his prey. He had been tracking the lizard since last night, having recognised the distinctive trail its six legs had made in the sand. Now at last he was within striking distance, and seizing the moment, he sprang forward and rushed upon the beast.

At the last second the lizard saw him, and roared with its large fang-filled mouth. The creature was as large as Joratz, a mass of claws and teeth and muscle, and the Saiyan was determined to slay it with his bare hands. The lizard swung its massive tail at him as he closed in, but Joratz narrowly dodged and now the battle was truly joined.

Fist and elbow collided with leathery skin, and in return razor-like claws bit deep into tanned flesh. Joratz felt the blood flow from his wounds, but he fought on regardless. Like any true warrior, Joratz accepted that he would have to take a pounding to get close to his foe, slipping inside the creature's guard. Seeing his opening, he landed a punch straight to the lizard's head, feeling the crack of the skull as his fist impacted.

The lizard collpased instantly, twitched once upon the desert floor, and lay still.

Half an hour later and Joratz had finished with the body. He had drank of the beast's blood to quench his thirst and ate the tender flesh raw. Satisfied, he rose and looked towards the distant horizon, and the Saiyan cities he knew to be there. This was his last challenge in the desert, his training here was done, and he knew that now was the time to embrace the challenges of the larger galaxy. There was just one thing left to do.

Reaching down to the lizard's body, he found one particulary savage-looking talon, and pulled it off. He added it to his necklace, which already bore the bones of half a dozen fearsome beasts. Soon, very soon, he would be adding the bones of smarter opponents to his necklace.

He smiled at the thought, and began to make his way towards civilisation.

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