Custom Technique list? (Just suggestion, needs approval)

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Custom Technique list? (Just suggestion, needs approval)

Post  MeredithPunk on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:25 am

Just circulating around the site I see that it has it's own list of technique's and it got me thinking that I wonder if you can make your own custom technique's, I do remeber reading somewhere that it was discussed and said that newbs would come in and make moves too powerful, but what if we made a list, of all the technique's that people can learn, so the ones that are already there, maybe give them a power rating and difficulty learning rank, aybe even a certain pl people must attain to perform. So it would all be listed and people and suggest their own and give them their own ratings, so people dont misunderstand it. I think the format should go like this:

Technique Name:
Pl Requirement:
Difficultly Rank:
Transformation required: (If so, what is it)
Ki Drained:

Like this, if anyone has anything else to add to it, I will be happy to edit it in.

Technique name: Ki Wave
Pl Requirement:100 (Ki Blast Learnt)
Difficulty Rank: 3/10
Transformation Required: None
Ki Drained: 15 per blast
Description: The user sets their hands out in front of them, palms flatly facing outwards, they then fire the energy from the centre of their hands, where several ki blasts will emerge at a high speed. This is a popular move to use in aerial battle. The amount of ki varies per ki blast used, this often ranges from 5-10 blasts per turn. It is very difficult to pull off to of these consecutively due to the high power emitted to the same point twice is dangerous and harmful to the body, although higher power levels can withstand more strain, and heal more rapidly.

If anyone has any moves they would like to add, please refrain from posting them until this has been approved by and admin or mod, then I will turn this into the actual listing thread and add all the techniques, or maybe an admin or mod will make one themselves. Also all techniques if this goes ahead must be approved by a mod or admin only, and no one else, only then will it be added to the list -thanks for reading guys!

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