Aurzel: A New Journey

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Aurzel: A New Journey

Post  Aurzel on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:57 am

Aurzel stepped out of the saiyan pod moments after it touched down. He took a deep breath, drawing in the fresh air he had so missed on his long voyage home. Home was new to him however, this was his first time seeing planet Vegeta in his life. The young boy spun around, taking in the view offered by the landing platform.

Soon after he was born he had quickly been sent off to some obscure planet as most low class saiyans were. The planet he had landed on had been mostly barren with scattered areas of forest and grass land. Its inhabitants had been primitive tribes, that was before Aurzel had arrived. After a few years of surviving in the wilderness he had begun preying on the tribes, it was practically programmed into him that as a saiyan warrior it was his job to remove the pests inhabitting the planet. It had not taken more than another couple of years before all the tribes were wiped out and Aurzel had begun his long journey home.

Now that he had finally returned he was in awe of what he saw. The landscape laid out before him was a bustling city, he could make out people in the distance here and there among the streets below. Far in the distance was a huge mountain range which dwarfed the city built in its shadow. Aurzel had never seen such a built up area when he had been so used to seeing simple tribal villages and forests.

"Greetings young one, please follow me," a grating voice said. Aurzel turned to see what he assumed was another saiyan, he stood six feet tall and was decked out in what he assumed was saiyan battle armour, he had noticed the same armour on several other people on the landing pad. The man turned and walked away leaving Aurzel no choice but to follow.
"Name?" the saiyan asked producing a data pad.
"Um ..." he had to think for a moment, although he had been told his name he'd never used it except to himself, "Aurzel."
The man nodded and seemed to tap a few commands onto his pad, "Ah yes he we are, ah, new arrival I see ..." He continued muttering to himself for a few moments then stopped at a doorway and turned. "Do you require medical attention before we proceed?"
"Er, I don't think so," Aurzel replied somewhat impatiently.
"Very well, this way," the door slid open, revealing a brightly lit corridor which curved out of sight into the huge structure. "Follow the corridor all the way down, just keep going straight till you come to a door at the end, no getting lost or you'll be in trouble kid." With that the saiyan turned and walked back towards the landing pad where two more saiyan pods had just arrived.

There weren't many people around, just the odd person coming or going here and there, otherwise it was rather quiet. Aurzel took a deep breath to calm himself. Although he regarded himself as a competent warrior this was still new ground and even a new planet for him, he could feel his heart beating slightly faster than usual but he continued down the corridor without breaking stride. He wasn't going to show any weakness, especially now of all times.

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Re: Aurzel: A New Journey

Post  Korn✔ on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:26 pm

((Great RP! Very Happy))

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