JOB: Kinoko, just being a punk.

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JOB: Kinoko, just being a punk.

Post  Nail on Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:07 am

Kinoko finally came to from his exhausting training at the top of the canyon. He would return to the capital for healing and supplies today. He stood up from his quick rest and took to the sky toward the capital. Where he could get what he needed.

He made his way through the city and to the rejuvenation center to heal. Kinoko had trained very hard and was sore. The rejuvenation tanks had the ability to heal him to full strength and he would take advantage of it before returning to his errands.

Kinoko got in one of the tanks and nodded at the engineer to turn it on. The engineer set the timer for an hour and walked out of the room. The tank shortly healed Kinoko fully and started to drain the water out. Kinoko exited the tank and put his clothes that were cleaned for him back on.

He thanked the engineer who gave him a nod as Kinoko walked outside into the capital. Kinoko slowly made his way through the city towards the market area. Before he mad it to the markets an older low level saiyan approached him.

"Hey, kid! You interested in making some money." The older saiyan asked.

Kinoko glared at man who asked him the question and replied, "What are you talking about?"

"My colleagues and I have an underground fighting pit outside of the city walls and we are looking for low level saiyans to take on middle class warriors for gambling. You will be well paid if you win, but it isn't going to be easy some of the warriors are really bloodthirsty." Replied the older saiyan.

"How much?" Kinoko asked.

"One hundred zeny to start off. When and if you progress you will, of course, get paid more." The older man responded.

"Alright, when do I need to show up?" Asked Kinoko.

"Right now. The fights go on constantly. We saiyans love to fight, as you well know." The older man laughed.

"So, what do I call you?" Kinoko asked.

"My name is Sukasshu. Yours?" Asked Sukasshu.

"Kinoko." Kinoko responded.

"Let us make our way then, shall we?" Sukasshu said as he turned around to lead Kinoko.

Sukasshu led Kinoko to a pub and they both entered. Kinoko followed Sukasshu through the pub to a back room. The back room had a stairway that led underground for what seemed like to Kinoko hundreds of yards. They emerged in an underground cave that wailed with the sounds of cheering.

Kinoko approached the distant roars of a crowd. A big group of saiyans surrounded two other saiyans. Kinoko showed no interest in the fight and was watching Sukasshu talk to a big saiyan. Sukasshu pointed at Kinoko and Kinoko responded with a wave and the big saiyan nodded to Sukasshu. Sukasshu made his way back to Kinoko. Kinoko finally turned to the fight and wasn't impressed with either fighter.

"You're up next. Here are the rules: We don't use energy blasts, but you can focus your energy into punches and kicks. We don't want the royal guards to know what is going on down here because they will shut us down in no time." Sukasshu told Kinoko.

There was a thunderous sound and the crowd burst into a louder roar that signified the end of the match. Kinoko started to stretch and pop his bones. The match announcer stepped into the middle of the circle and signaled the crowd to silence.

"We have a new participant!" The announcer yelled.

Kinoko approached the circle as the saiyans around him jeered and laughed. This didn't bother Kinoko, win or lose he was getting paid. Kinoko pushed the saiyans to the side as he made his way to the center of the circle. He looked around to find his opponent who was nowhere to be found.

"Here is the challenger, Kiiiiiiiinoko!!!" The announcer shouted enthusiastically.

The crowed erupted into boos and hisses as Kinoko started stretching more. He was wondering who his opponent would be and out came his opponent.

"Here on this side we have the infamous saiyan brawler, Endooooouuuu!!!" The announcer shouted as the crowd erupted into cheers.

Endou was a saiyan that was as wide as he was tall. A perfect circle of viciousness. He was no taller than five foot five and seemed to be a little more primal than other saiyans. He snarled and grinned at Kinoko with devilish eyes. Kinoko stood across the ring, as did Endou.

"Everyone knows the rules. Ready? Fight!!!" The announcer said as he exited the circle hastily.

Kinoko knew this saiyan would be slower but he didn't know how much damage he could take. Kinoko balled his fist up tightly and charged at the smiling Endou. Endou stood there without moving as if to take the punch. Kinoko vanished from Endou's sight appeared above him hitting Endou right on top of the head with his right fist.

Endou was sent face down into the ground and Kinoko followed up the attack by kicking the fat saiyan in the ribs sending him rolling like a ball to the other side of the circle. As Kinoko waited for Endou to get up he realized that his hand and foot were throbbing.

"This guy is more durable than I thought." Kinoko says to himself.

Endou slowly rolled his way back to his feet and stood up smiling. He then charged at Kinoko full force. He headbutted Kinoko right in the chest with all his force and sent Kinoko flying back into a cave wall. Endou then proceeded to follow Kinoko to the wall and plant his knee right into the stomach of Kinoko, knocking the breath out of him.

Kinoko fell to the ground as Endou backed off and showed out to the crowd. Kinoko rose shakily and started to bring his ki into his legs. He rose quickly and dashed toward Endou as he turned around. He threw his right leg directly into the side of Endou's left jaw, sending the fat saiyan spinning like a top in mid air.

"You should have been more worried about your opponent than the crowd you tub of lard. You would die against me in real battle." Kinoko shouted at him.

Kinoko then mocked Endou, only to get a crowd full of boos in return. Kinoko was feeling the pain from Endou's earlier attacks now, but he wasn't about to show it. Endou rose dizzily and started to stomp toward Kinoko as if he wanted to attack Kinoko. Kinoko pulled his ki into his hands and got ready to attack.

Endou took a swing at Kinoko only to barely miss because of his blinding rage. Kinoko slapped Endou's ears with both hands, causing Endou to stumble back from the impact. Kinoko followed his ad libbed attack with a jumping punch that landed on Endou's left jaw. Kinoko landed and darted toward the big saiyan and kicked him square in the chest sending him flying back. Endou landed on the ground with a thud.

As Endou was trying to get up he was met with a foot in the face that knocked him unconcious. Kinoko stepped on the fat saiyan's chest and rose his fist high above his head, as if to let everyone around know of his victory. The crowd stayed still and silent as Kinoko pushed his way through them all. Kinoko approached Sukasshu wearily and demanded his money. Sukasshu enthusiastically gave him his winnings and started to follow him as Kinoko approached the doorway out.

"Hey, Kinoko! You were great kid. Come back anytime." Sukasshu yelled as Kinoko walked up the stairway.

Kinoko waved to him half heartedly and started his ascension up the stairs. He made his way back through the pub and out the door. He made his way through the city and back to the rejuvenation center to heal his wounds. He was sure that fat saiyan broke his ribs and he knew he would need to heal before venturing back out into the wild.

"Damn him, he was stronger than I thought. I can barely breath. At least he can probably barely walk." Kinoko said to himself.

Kinoko looked at the engineer and nodded. The engineer opened the door of the tank and left him. Kinoko undressed and got back into the tank for the second time today. He called the engineer back in and the engineer turned on the tank. He would recover now and head back out to the wild tomorrow.

"I'll go back if I ever need the money or if I'm just looking to fight." Kinoko contemplated as the water filled the tank.



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Re: JOB: Kinoko, just being a punk.

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