Kinoko: 10x Regular Training

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Kinoko: 10x Regular Training

Post  Nail on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:39 pm

Kinoko had decided to master a basic ki beam on this rainy day. The rain hissed and evaporated as it poured on a powering up Kinoko. The energy expanded from his body and glowed a threatening maroon. He pulled the concentrated energy from the pit of his stomach and moved it up to his chest slowly. As the ki was pulled across his chest and down his right arm he focused harder.

"If I lose my concentration here the energy will fade. Concentrate...concentrate...," He thinks to himself as the energy almost willingly made its way to his hand.

His ki centered in the palm of his hand and he lifted his limb in front of his body. He took aim of a large boulder in the distance, lined up his shot and fired. The maroon beam of ki extended from his palm and pierced through the air at a rate that was so fast it even suprised Kinoko.

The beam traveled a hundred yards and met its target then exploded and sent the large boulder bursting into dozens of pieces. This was a basic attack, Kinoko knew this, but he had long since used his powers and was getting a feel for his newly resurfacing power.

Kinoko soared into the air and over a stretch of mountains. He fired ki beam after ki beam into the top of a mountain sending an avalanche. He then flew straight down to the base of the mountain and awaited the avalanche.

"This should be a pretty good test," He said to himself.

The large rocks made their way to him with deadly speed. Kinoko powered up to his maximum and started firing ki beams into the rocks that came closest to him sending fragments of the rocks hurling in every direction. All of the energy that was shaking the mountainside dislodged a gargantuan boulder that started to tumble its way down picking up speed with every inch.

Kinoko was too close to dodge the boulder and would surely be crushed by it. He would have to use both hands on this one. The boulder ramped over another large rock and was sent flying into the air and directly over Kinoko's head. With a yell, Kinoko fired the beams directly into the middle of the boulder slowing its decent, but definitely not stopping it.

The boulder shielded the rain from hitting Kinoko, this would have been a welcomed gift if it didn't have deadly intent following right behind it. The energy started to chip away at Kinoko's stone obstacle. Kinoko decided that this was the time he needed to give it all he had and destroy this boulder or die trying.

Kinoko let the energy fade as he lowered his hands and let the boulder fall. The boulder fell closer and closer to Kinoko and just before impact Kinoko raised his hands and put the rest of his energy into a final ki beam.

"Heaaaaah!!!" Kinoko screamed as the beams burst from his hands.

The boulder exploded and sent dust and debris flying through the air. As the rocks fell back to the planet like the rain drops that were now hitting Kinoko. Kinoko dropped to his knee, he was tired, he had used up more of his energy than he had planned to and was now basking in victory and the rain.

"Whew...that was too close," He thought to himself with a relieved sigh.

Kinoko was so tired he couldn't even fly, he was annoyed by this and stood up and started to make his way to the capital that was visible in the distance. He would rest and train again after a good meal and sleep.

Kinoko woke up after resting from the day's training before he was still a little sore but just needed to stretch a bit before setting out for training again. He had went to the capital's armory and gotten a low level saibaman seed to use for training. The saibaman's skill was a little over his own but he was willing to give it a shot. After he walked out of the armory he took to the sky. He would go into the forest that he had flew over a while back.

Kinoko landed softly on the ground and knelt down. He poked a hole in the ground and placed the seed in the ground and packed dirt on top of it. He drew from his bag a very small vial of green liquid and poured it on the soil. Kinoko backed up and started to warm up, he knew this saibaman would be a challenge...a challenge he wanted.

The soil started to rise up and out came a disgusting, drooling, green saibaman. He looked at Kinoko with evil little eyes that seemed to say, "I'm going to kill you." Kinoko turned around and looked at the saibaman in disgust and seen the look in his eyes.

"Hey! Wipe that look off your face, you're not going to fight me to the death, got that?" Kinoko commanded.

The saibaman didn't respond, he just stood there glaring at Kinoko. The saibaman twitched wierdly and wearily walked toward Kinoko.

"Hey, did you hear..." Kinoko started, but before he could finish the saibaman lunged at him with his claws extended.

Kinoko grabbed the saibaman's wrists before his claws could reach his throat. He fell back from the force of the saibaman and his back slammed to the ground. The saibaman twitch weird again and jumped off of Kinoko.

"What is wrong with you!!!" Kinoko yelled at the saibaman.

He then realized something wrong with this saibaman. He remembered hearing about flawed saibamen that would attack their masters viciously trying to kill them. Upon realizing this, Kinoko started to power up to his maximum. The saibaman dashed toward him and kneed him in the stomach, sending Kinoko crashing through the trees in the forest. Kinoko skipped across the ground and finally stopped. When he got up the saibaman was right behind him. Kinoko spun around firing a ki beam at the saibaman. The saibaman dodged it by jumping into the air and his head started to split open. The saibaman released acid from his head and sent it toward Kinoko.

Kinoko rolled out of the way of it and the acid landed on a log, burning it instantly. He fired a ki beam at the open part of the saibaman's head and the blast forced the saibaman higher into the air. Kinoko followed him in the air and speedily caught up with the limp saibaman. Kinoko clasped both fist high above his head and swung downward with all of his force, meeting with the saibaman. The saibaman was sent hurling to the ground at great velocity.

The saibaman bounced on the ground when he made impact and before he had a chance to get up, Kinoko powered up more and fired a ki beam that pushed the saibaman into the ground. Kinoko followed the beam and landed on top of the saibaman after the blast. Kinoko put his left foot on the back of the saibaman's neck and pressed down. Kinoko used his right foot to stomp the saibaman in the back. With each crushing stomp the saibaman let out a blood curdling scream.

When he was tired of stomping Kinoko jumped and landed with a forceful blow on the middle of the saibaman's back. Kinoko started to charge his left hand with energy and aimed it directly at the back of the saibaman's head, but before he could release the energy the saibaman started to let out a yellow glow of energy that surrounded his body.

"Oh, no!!!" Kinoko said to himself as he tried to jump away from the saibaman.

The saibaman exploded and the blast ungulfed Kinoko. The light from the glow shined like the sun and soon faded away. The dust settled and Kinoko was face down outside of the small crater. Kinoko's finger twitched and his hand started to move forward. His body was bloodied and torn, he had almost died in the blast and was barely able to move.

"That...That almost got me," Kinoko said shakily to himself as he started to drag himself through the dirt.

Kinoko pulled himself slowly into the woods and towards the capital. He drug himself for miles through the thicket of the woods. By the time he had gotten to the outskirts of the city he had been traveling for more than half a day. Two saiyan guards, a male and female, on the outside of the city seen him and flew over. They checked their scouters to see if he would live and the smaller of the two knelt down.

"What happened to you?" The bigger one asked.

"...Faulty saibaman tried to kill me," Kinoko replied before passing out.

"Heh, heh, heh, that happened to me once in the training grounds. Damn thing nearly killed me too. I ripped him in two." Laughed the saiyan male.

"Better get him to the rejuvenation tanks." The female saiyan said as she hoisted Kinoko on her shoulder. "Man, he's heavy you carry him." She said to the guy as she placed Kinoko on her comrades shoulder.

They flew him to the city and put him in one of the rejuvenation center's many rejuvenation tanks. When Kinoko woke up three days later, he felt great. He could feel his power and knew that the training had did wonders for him.

"This power feels amazing...maybe I'll try to get a faulty one again." Kinoko laughed to himself.

Kinoko was getting stronger by the day, he was fast becoming a powerful warrior. The saiyan would go and get a meal from the bar. He wondered what his future would bring and most importantly what new opportunities for power his next quest would offer him.


(In short, 10x Regular Training and learning Ki Beam complete)

Word Count: 1,204
Needed Word Count: 400
Bonus Word Count: 1,204

Technique Learned: Ki Beam

1st - STRENGTH +12
2nd - AGILITY +8
3rd - ENDURANCE +5

END + 300
STR + 204
AGI + 300

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Re: Kinoko: 10x Regular Training

Post  Korn✔ on Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:56 pm

(( Stats updated. You can't really learn Ki Beam because it requires Ki Blast so I added Ki Blast instead ))

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