Roleplaying Tips

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Roleplaying Tips

Post  Korn✔ on Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:37 am

Roleplaying Tips

1. Creating a Character

Creating a good character means creating a good, solid back story for it.
Try making the story original. The character doesn't have to be lonely and emo in order to be evil, it can just be chaotic in nature and don't care about anything. The character doesn't need to be fueled with anger and vengeance either, it can just want to explore the world and have fun.

A good way to think of a character is to think of an existing character in Dragon Ball and change some details about it. You can first choose and archetype like:
*Happy go Lucky (Goku's type)
*Best Freind (Puar, Krillin)
*Self Caring Bandit (Yamcha)
*Perverted Old man (Kame sennin)
*Modest and Brave (Tien)
*Coward (Yajirobe, Oolong, Mr.Satan)
*Lonely (Piccolo)

And the list goes on..
After you chose an archetype you can start building you're character looks which can also be inspired by other DB characters. It's much easier then having to come up with you're own looks.
You can always combine these archetype to create new ones. For example:
*Perveted Hero (He is the type of guy you can trust, but then again he can't resist beautiful women)
*Cowadly Bandit (Yeah he is brave when he is standing against weaker foes but as soon as a serious threat comes along he bails)
*Happy go Lucky but Lonely (He always makes it look as if everything is fine and as if he is just ignorant but at the end of the day he really is lonely, flying above these cities)

Also, don't try to be the god, or the hero who saves all. Non of those characters really started this way, they all went through different events and adventures who led them to become who they are.

Not only it's stupid to start as an almighty god or a brave hero, it doesn't make any sense because you start really weak and you have to work up you're stats. Think of how Goku started, he was this crazy kid who was just stronger then most humans but he had to go through alot of troubles and villians in order to get to where he is now, a legend that saved the universe countless times.

You can also take a look at Yamcha. Remmember how he didn't cared about anything? He just stole and took care for himself. But through the series he grew as a characters and became one of earth's greatest heroes.

You can even roleplay a character similar to Yajirobe. I'm sure it'll be more fun to play a cowardly character after seeing all these god/hero wannabes. A character like that could also go through changes.
Think about having to fight again and again and having to protect the earth, even if the character just wants to help himself, at the end of the day these events can easily change him and make him into a hero, like Yajirobe became brave and cut Vegeta's tail off, something you wouldn't expect of him to do.

2. Choosing Name

In Dragon Ball, all the names have some meaning. They are all puns and different words. Try choosing a name using this method.

For example, is your character is chubby? Then why not play with the letters in the word and call him.. Buchi?

If he is a Saiyan, you might want to stick to the vegetable puns and call him something related to vegetables. If he reminds you of celery, maybe bacause of his clothes or anything else, call him Lesery? Sellre? I don't know, it's up to you how you want to call him just try to stick to the Dragon Ball's way of picking names.

More coming soon..

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