Oyst emerges

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Oyst emerges

Post  Oyst on Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:42 pm

Coming from outside the small hut came a rumble like the sound of thunder but it couldn't be it hasn't stormed on namek in awhile. The villagers look over to the hills to see what the sound was it seemed to be generated by a large namek warrior punching into the sides of mountains, with each massive clash of his fist and every hard strike with his leg the storm seemed to be growing the warrior was the one called Oyst or at least the villagers thought so he was from the northern tribes village what was he doing so far south? " I am here to challenge the ones you call warriors. " The namekians cocky powerful voice was sent through the crowd as loud and boisterous as could ever be heard. " I am sure you know me I am Oyst spawn of Tako and I am here to see just what kind of defenders the southern tribe has." The warriors voice sent fear through the hearts of the villagers and even some of the warriors. "How'd he get so large?" One of the voices in the crowd would blurt out. "And what kind of namek declares a challenge to his own people?" More would say as the large warrior grew impatient. " I want to see the best this village has and I am sure I will be disappointed but still I shall return at noon to see who is strong enough to approach the great teacher." He would pop his neck with a loud crack and head for the southern plateau.

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Re: Oyst emerges

Post  Korn✔ on Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:19 am

((I see you know your Dragon Ball with all this 'spawn' talk Razz I hope you enjoy RPing here Smile ))

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