[meditation training] Haircut

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[meditation training] Haircut

Post  Some_weirdGuy on Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:58 am

((ok, this is more a training post for the stat increase, not alot of exciting stuff is happening. for a TL;DR version go to the bottom))

High above the city N2 floated, the city sprawling below, the many buildings and roads that filled the area blanketing the ground, a vast jungle of concrete. The punks who had attempted to trouble him were specks, no, less then specks, far beneath. N2's eyes broken eyes stared unseeing.

His coat now gone N2 surveyed his body, clenching his fist he could feel the new strength running in his body. He had been so weak, now was fractionally better, but still a long shot from what felt 'right'. He still had a long way to go. He ran his hand over the contrasting pieces of his original body and those crafted by Dr Briefs. He began to wonder weather leaving so soon had been a good idea. While Dr briefs couldn't restore him to his full power he could still have brought him closer then what he currently was. The eyes had proven a problem but given time the Dr could have come up with a solution, and a new arm too.

No, tracking down a Red Ribbon scientist, especially Dr Gero himself, would yield much better results then Dr Briefs could muster. He may be a great scientist but he was no specialist like the red ribbon scientists. Tracking information on them had been difficult work, Many having gone into hiding or (unfortunately being elderly men to begin with) dead. But he had found that one Dr Flappe lived on the outskirts of a place called Jingle village. He was one of the scientists who worked alongside Dr Gero, and with any luck he could help N2.

N2 drifted along above the city, he seemed in no great rush, instead continuing, even as before, on exploring the masses of data and trying to unlock its secrets. While he was in no great rush that is not to say that he dawdled, as he flew at a solid pace, out of the city and over the countryside. He continued over green farmland and bush, ending up above a second city. Suddenly his piecing together of information bore fruit, as a memory came to him. This was followed by another, and another. Although fragmented and some of it being unrelated or not making much sense, he managed to learn an interesting bit of information from it.

He stopped and looked down at the city, finally decided to descend to the ground and investigate this new finding. He floated down between two buildings, ending in a back alley. He stepped forward and headed to his destination. The large transformers fed power around the city through the powerlines. Grabbing the fence he peeled it back with ease and stepped in. A low buzz sounded around him
“let us see” He said to himself, relying to an unvoiced question. He reached out and placed his hand on a large box-shaped transformer. Without warning he smashed through the metal casing and sunk his arm inside. From his hand and arm small tendrils reached out, interfacing with the conductors and drawing energy into his body. He began to glow, the energy flowing into his body. Sparks began everywhere as the power consumption grew, and the buzzing grew louder and faster, its pitch shifting up higher and higher. The power surged through his body and the tendrils reached further. Suddenly the drain was to much, the buzz suddenly stuttered and died, the flow of electricity stopped, and a blackout descended over the surrounding blocks.

Sparks flowed over N2, the glow of energy surrounding him like a halo. He could feel his body functioning at a much higher power level than before. However he did not stand idly. Immediately he put the energy to use, and with his new found talent he began making physical connections and extending and invigorating his body. The small mechanical tendrils folded out and over his body. Where before Dr Briefs additions where very much clunky, unnatural extensions, making him feel more jerry rigged than repaired, now they stood newly reintegrated, smoothly fitting his old parts with his new parts. Well at least on the inside anyway.

The initial connections yielded quick results, but even as he stepped out onto the pathway he could feel it more slowly building him up from within. Looking down at his chest he saw through the holes the movements as the little machine parts extended and grew. He was fixing himself.

The memory of this ability first came as a flashback, N2 assumed it was from his final battle as he was already severely damaged. He had seen himself perform a similar act to the one he had just done, reaching out to a severely damaged arm he had watched as the tiny tendrils reached out and all but reattached the limb. Other memories along the same line had come, as well as fractured conversations, a voice that must have been Dr Gero’s saying,
“The prototype augmentation system should allow interfacing with…”
“…and integration systems that allow…”
“…and even able to perform some repairs and implement ‘updates’, correcting possible weakness in the design...”
“…truly are one of my more ambitious pieces, but I should not get ahead of myself, this particular design may yet prove unviable. Only time will tell”.

Well it seems the Dr had been right. If N2 had retained the knowledge of this system the repairs with Dr Briefs would have run far more smoothly. Momentarily N2 felt irritated. This loss of memory and corruption of data was inefficient, to say the least. Repair efforts could have been far better spent had N2 been able to access this system earlier.

Still it was yet more progress. And progress was good. N2 wonder just how much more was waiting, buried. Well, he could only work as fast as he could. And his best course of action would still be to pursue a red ribbon scientist.

He walked down the road, rubbing his hand over his head he again felt the bald patch. For some reason it bothered him. He then decided on a course of action. Walking along the store from past groups of staring people he finally found a barbers shop.
“How may I…” began the hair dresser, but upon looking up at N2 they paused, not exactly sure what to make of the andriod
“..help you?” N2 walked past, approaching the hair dressing section where other hairdressers had paused as the large one armed android came in. He went over to a bench and grapped a pair of electric clippers
“uh, sir..?” began the young woman who had spoken to him at the counter, who intened to tell him that despite the power being out he was free to make a booking.
He flicked the switch and but the clippers wouldn’t start. N2 noted the lights were also out and the other hair dressers were using scissors instead of the electric clippers. Again the small tendrils reached out from his hand and sank into the clippers. They sprang to life, buzzing. N2 paused for another moment, then in one quick action brought the clippers up and over the opposite side of his head to the bald side. The long hair fell to the floor.
“Is that straight?” he asked the woman. His hair now represented more of a Mohawk, being bald on both sides, and yet still long down the back.
“uh how did you..?” she began, N2 placed his hand over the newly bald section, then over the other opposite side. They seemed about even to his calculations
“thank you for your assistance” he said, and without another word strode out of the shop. The customers and hairdressers in the shop just stood or sat silently, staring at the strange mans back as he stood outside the doors, turning his head for side to side before walking off to the left and out of view.
“He just turned the clippers on without any power…”

Satisfied with his new hair, no longer lop sided because of the blasted section of his skull, N2 floated back up and away. As he flew he clenched his fist once more, sparks sprang around it. He then turned towards the north, where Jingle village was located. This time he didn't fly slowly, with his further power gain he felt like blowing off a little steam, and so with a rush of wind flew, at speed, off into the distance.

the TL;DR version is that N2 remembered he had an integration ability, he sucked up some power, and then went and got a haircut Razz

Stats increases are:

Meditation Training
You can do it anywhere.
You train on all 4 stats for 24 hours.
After you are approved STR, END and AGI will get a bonus of +5 while SPR will get a bonus of +10.
Any additional points you get for over 400 words you can add to any stat.

all up my new stats will be:
STR 470
END 675
AGI 350
SPR 350

To see how i got to that:

STR 223 +5
END 325 +5
AGI 107 +5
SPR 107 +10

Word count = 1454
word count bonus = 1054

STR 228 +242
END 330 +345
AGI 112 +238
SPR 117 +233

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Re: [meditation training] Haircut

Post  Korn✔ on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:08 am


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Re: [meditation training] Haircut

Post  rapyap2000 on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:31 pm

((Awesome but......its a little strange that you had dr gero in this rp, because im rping in a time like billions of years before the dragonball saga)

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Re: [meditation training] Haircut

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