- Roshi's Teaching - [Super Kamehameha Learned ]

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- Roshi's Teaching - [Super Kamehameha Learned ]

Post  Pineapple24 on Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:43 am

The next morning Yoshi had awakened to an empty house. Mr. Turtle nor Master roshi could be found in the small shanty. He got to his feet after releasing a big yawn, got dressed in his training robes and headed outside where Master Roshi stayed standing waist deep in the water along his beach. Yoshi closed in slowly as he finally made is way beside his new master.

Master Roshi: " Well it's about time!"

Yoshi: " My apologies Master Roshi, perhaps I was a bit more exhausted than I had thought originally. More water training today master?"

Master Roshi gives a quick nod and Yoshi begins to stretch his limbs under the water and above it.

Master Roshi: " Today you are going to learn the next level of the Kamehameha wave you experimented with yesterday Yoshi. Except this time, it will be a lot more powerful. You will attempt to fire the blast with your hands under the water, which will cause you to have to charge it more. Once you feel you have enough energy saved, unleash it out from the water and into the open."

Yoshi nods and takes his stance squatting down in the water bringing the water level to his chest. He cups his hands and brings them down to his side staring off into the distance into the clouds high above. He begins building up the energy which was a bit more difficult than charging above the water on land since the water sort of constricted with the building energy between his cupped hands. Finally when he felt like he had enough energy he began to recite his now familiar attack phrase as the energy in his hands began to grow and pulse the water around his entire body. The energy he had built was quite enough for a Super Kamehameha, and as he released and pointed his blast high into the sky the beam was nearly twice as big and quick as his regular Kamehameha. He resumed doing this for a while until he felt completely comfortable with being able to perform the second level of the attack he had just learned from Roshi

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Technique Learned : Super Kamehameha
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Re: - Roshi's Teaching - [Super Kamehameha Learned ]

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