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How To Battle
How To Battle

Battles and fights are what Dragon Ball is all about. You can do it to get an item the opponent has, gain more strength and power or even protect the ones you care about.

To start a battle both players have to be on the same planet and one needs to challenge the other. This can be done by sending a private message to your opponent and then wait for him to accept.

The start of the battle
After both players agree to the battle you need to open a topic in the right forum that it's name is in this format: "____ vs ____"

To decide which player goes first, the one with the lower PL will be the first to attack.

The battle
The battle is done in turns. Each turn is a post and is divided to 2 parts: The reacting part and the acting part.

In the reacting part you react to your opponent's attacks or actions and in the acting part you use your actions to attack/use item/flee and such.

Attacks can be one of two types: Melee and Special.
All the physical attacks such as punches, kicks, elbows and knees are Melee while all the techniques you learn like Ki Blast and Ki Beam are Special. Using techniques also takes up a certain amount of KI depending on the technique.

There is another type of Melee which is called Charged Melee. This is basically a Melee attack that had been charged for 1 action before released. Charging up a Melee takes 10 KI and it will increase the damage if hit. It will also paralyze the opponent for 1 turn. (He still gets a chance to roleplay and post a message).

If you charge a technique that needs 1 or more actions to be charged before released and you only have 1 action per turn then you can charge it in this turn, let the opponent have his turn and then continue charging it or release it on your next turn. While charging a technique or a melee attack you can still dodge and keep the charged attack but if you get hit you lose the attack and need to charge it all over again.


As of now, there is no formula for the damage that is being dealt to the players during battle. When you get hit you decide your own damage, taking into account your END and your opponents STR or SPR if it's a special attack. Also take into account the Power Value of the attack your opponent is using.
Always try to think of what consequences it will have on your character if it will get hit like that in the real world, for example, if both you and your opponent's STR and END are pretty much the same, one of you punching the other will result in a damage of 1-2 and a charged melee will be 3-5. Rarely when the difference in the stats is enormous the damage may be 0 but most of the time it will be atleast 1.
Try not to get into arguments over the damage and disrupt the fluent roleplay in the battle.

Dodging and Enduring
In the react part of your turn where you react to your opponent's attacks you will be able to choose between enduring the attacks or dodging them. Enduring the attacks means you're gonna get hit by them and the damage will be taken of your HP although you can block the attack completely if you END is high enough. If you decide to endure the attack your END is lowered by -1% until the end of the battle. To dodge you mus roll a 10-sided dice and hope your AGI and result are high enough. If you dodge successfully your AGI is lowered by -1% until the end of the battle but if you fail to dodge it is considered as if you decided to endure it and your END is reduced by -1%. Like that you won't be able to dodge or completely block forever.

When you roll a 10-sided dice (The option can be find when posting a message via the "Reply" button, to first send the message and look at the result of the dice roll in the message after yours. Then you go back and edit your post accordingly whatever you succeeded dodging or failed.
The result of the dice roll you need depends on the difference in your and your opponent's AGI and is as following:

When the difference is in against the dodger:
Difference of 99 ... and below: A result of 1-5
Difference of 100 ... 299: A result of 1-4
Difference of 300 ... 599: A result of 1-3
Difference of 600 ... 899: A result of 1-2
Difference of 900 ... and up: A result of 1

When the difference is in favor of the dodger:
Difference of 99 ... and below: A result of 1-5
Difference of 100 ... 299: A result of 1-6
Difference of 300 ... 599: A result of 1-7
Difference of 600 ... 899: A result of 1-8
Difference of 900 ... and up: A result of 1-9

Charging KI
As your KI gets lowered because of the techniques used you can charge and increase your KI by +25%. Charging takes 1 action.

Grabbing the Tail
If you are fighting a Saiyan you can try to grab his tail. Trying to catch the tail takes up 1 action. After doing so you need to roll a 3-Sided Dice. If the roll returns 3 then it is a success. If the Saiyan didn't learn the technique that prevents him from suffering when his tail is grabbed, when the tail is grabbed all of the Saiyan's stats are halved and he is paralyzed for 3 turns(posts) (He can still post and roleplay as he would normally but he just can attack, dodge or use items). After 3 turns the stats go back to normal and he is not paralyzed. You can try to grab the tail up to 3 times in a battle and if you succeed you can't do it again in the current battle.

Similar to grabbing the tail, fleeing takes 1 action and a 3-Sided Dice roll. If the roll returns 3 then you can simply leave the battle. Although to try and flee the battle your AGI needs to be higher then your opponent's. You can try to flee up to 3 times in a battle. If you flee a battle your opponent can choose 1 of your items to keep and up to 1000 Zeny.

The one who survives and drops his opponent's HP to 0 wins the battle. The winner can decide to either kill his opponent and send him to the Other World where he would stay for 2 weeks or spare his life and let him go with 1 HP. The winner can also take up to 3 items the loser has and up to 3000 Zeny.

The winner in the battle gets +25 to all stats and an additional point for each hundred points in the difference between the two players' PL. (If the winner is the one with the higher PL he doesn't get this bonus)

The loser in the battle gets +10 to all stats if he lives. (Saiyans receive an additional +15 to all stats)

Also if a Saiyan wins a battle and has 30% or less HP he receives an additional +25 to all stats)
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