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Power Level or PL is your total power. It is calculated by adding STR, END, AGI and SPR together and multiplying by 5. A higher Power Level means you are stronger and are more dangerous. A certain amount of PL is sometimes required to do certain quests or train under some masters.

Health Points or HP is basically your life points. The max amount of HP is 100. When you take damage your Health Points decrease and when you use items like Sensu Bean, they increase.

KI is a magical energy found in all living creatures. This energy surrounds anything in the Dragon World. When you use a technique your KI will decrease by a set amount and when you charge up it will increase.

Strength or STR determines your character's physical power. Higher strength means higher damage dealt from physical attacks like punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

Endurance or END determines how much your character can endure. Higher endurance means your character can take more damage and get hurt less.

Agility or AGI determines your character's speed. The higher the agility is the more the character can dodge attacks without getting hurt and successfully land hits.

Spirit or SPR determines your character's spiritual power. The higher it is the more damage you deal using techniques like Ki Blasts and Ki Beams.

is the currency in the Dragon World. You can use it to buy items, spaceships and upgrades (for Androids). You get Zenies by doing jobs like Law Enforcer or Thief.


Activities can be anything you may want to do in the RPG: Training, Traveling, Buying items, Growing Sensu Beans, Battle or search for a Dragon Ball. To do any of this you should create a topic in the right forum (based on your current location) and roleplay it. After you're done you can edit your character sheet so the changes will take effect.

In some cases like with Training, a moderator will have to approve your post in order to reward you with AP.

Another case in which a moderator will have to interfere is when searching for Dragon Balls as it is needed to make sure the time you need to spend looking for one did in fact passed.

To buy any item, you need to post a roleplay of you doing so, containing atleast 300 words in the shop topic in the forum (based on your location). For example: I want to buy an Alcohol Flask so what I'm going to do is post the following roleplay in the shop topic in the Earth forum, where the item is listed as buyable:

"Yamcha was traveling the desert, training, for a long long time. He was finally ready to reunite with Krillin and the gang once again. He learned dozens of new techniques by now and was sure of himself. He was sure he could beat even Tien now. Yamcha was about to head to Roshi's place when he decided it will be smart to rest a bit from all those trainings. -"I'll hang out in the city before I'll meet with the gang" he said as he flew up to the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

Flying at a great speed, he reached Satan City in a matter of minutes and it wasn't even half of his full speed. -"Those trainings have sure payed off." He thought as he turned around and started flying on his back.
Yamcha closed his eyes and enjoyed the wind in his hair. When Yamcha opened his eyes, he already passed over Satan City. -"Crap." he said and dashed towards to city, now arriving in a blink of en eye.

Yamcha slowly landed and blended into the crowd. He noticed a bar while he was walking around. Yamcha looked around as he entered. It was full of tough looking guys but he knew none of them had any chance against him. He walked up to the bartender and ordered a flask of alcohol. He payed for it and was about to leave as a big biker blocked his way. -"Move." Yamcha commanded him. The biker raised his eyebrow as he looked down on Yamcha. -"I said move." he commanded again.
The biker started laughing: -"You think a chump like y-" Before he could react, the biker was drooling on the floor of the bar. Yamcha smiled and walked out of the bar as he steps on the biker and putting the Flask into his bag."

After you posted this roleplay, you wait for a moderator to approve and lower your Zeny. Then you can edit your inventory in the character sheet.
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